OnLive iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On July - 18 - 2012

The market of iPad applications is filled with a variety of products, some in the entertainment area and some extremely useful for business and working. The OnLive iPad App is definitely among the latter category, being an application that allows the users to view and use all of the Windows 7 applications on your iOS […]

Posted by Tom Starks On June - 25 - 2012

Are you looking for a way to keep your information private as long as possible? In case you do, keep reading! Nowadays, we can clearly see more and more information and private details making their path over the internet. Taking into account the fact that there is almost no person in this world that doesn’t […]

Where Is It? HD for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On June - 22 - 2012

Where Is It? HD for iPad application is more than just an app. It’s general knowledge mixed with wonderful HD images mixed with fun and entertainment. The game is pretty simple, but totally captivating. The Where Is It? HD for iPad generates pictures of famous places world wide and you have to guess what they […]

Bloomberg iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On June - 13 - 2012

The Bloomberg iPad App is literally the first application to come from a major business publication that makes use of the Apple Inc.’s subscription offering. It is part of the finance iPad apps category and it is a perfect combination of the magazine’s vision on global finance news and interactive content, as new market information […]

IT Management Software From SolarWinds

Posted by Tom Starks On June - 11 - 2012

SolarWinds provides IT management software solutions that offer unprecedented performance and activity monitoring. With a product to meet every IT aspect, and specially designed to be scalable and flexible, the software grows alongside the company. With management solutions for servers and applications, networks, log and events, storage, and virtualization, the product line from SolarWinds is […]

Adobe EchoSign for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 28 - 2012

There are two faces of the online environment that have become essential in this world, the one of the great help that we turn to in almost all aspects of work, business or fun, and the one of necessity, as there are not many things we can do today without turning to the Internet, especially […]

The accounting software – a necessary tool in every company

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 21 - 2012

Accounting is very important in a business, no matter its size or domain. It is strictly related with the costs and incomes and how to properly manage these, in order to obtain the desired profitability. There must not be a mistake in the whole accounting process, for a single wrong number, can lead to serious […]

Cloud performance management – Vdi monitoring

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 27 - 2012

Have you ever wondered if there may be a way of learning and begin to be in the known of End User Service Level Management? If yes, then the following lines are the ones to help you. In a world when everything goes beyond our dreams, some of us have to keep up with the […]

Efficient help in your online personal branding

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 25 - 2012

If you’ve asked yourself dozens of questions of how to improve your reputation, then all of them will be answered shortly. Your created image is public and easy to intercept through the online personal branding. When having a bad reputation, there’s nothing you can do, but to find new ways of improving it. And since […]

Everything you want from an online customer relationship manager

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 20 - 2012

AllClients is an online customer relationship manager software with hundreds of great applications, features and functionality that can help any small business owner get better organized and manage its contact, clients, customers, providers, more efficiently and time effective. To some degree, the AllClients system can even enable the attraction of new clients, while thoroughly maintaining […]

All-in Yoga HD iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 20 - 2012

Although most of the applications for iPad are games or working apps designed to make your day around the office easier and help you connect with as many other devices as possible, there are some applications that are pointing towards teaching, helping user develop certain skills and All-In Yoga HD iPad app is one of […]

The advantages of working with a vested SEO Services Firm

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 9 - 2012

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that all web masters and online business owners resort to when they are in need of website promotion or efficient online marketing. SEO services refer to a series of techniques that have confirmed their usefulness in online marketing approaches by helping websites rank higher in search engine listings […]

Color Range iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On March - 16 - 2012

If you ever find yourself looking for iPad photo editing apps stop when you hit Color Range! This great application adds selective color enhancements to your photographs on both your iPad and your iPhone! The Color Range iPad app may not be as complex and advanced as Photoshop for example, however it is so much […]

Elevated Math for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On March - 9 - 2012

Elevated Math for iPad is a math app created for both children and adults. It is part of the few educational apps designed to teach users mathematics and help those who make use of math in their lines of work. The math app is pretty encompassing too, including more than a hundred and fifty lessons […]

7Notes HD iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 29 - 2012

The 7Notes HD iPad App is an extremely helpful application for people taking notes on a regular basis, such as students or psychologists. Basically, the application allows you to simply write on the touch screen instead of having to type. You can use your finger or a stylus, but the idea is that the 7Notes […]

Facebook Timeline App for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 24 - 2012

It is widely acknowledged that Facebook is not only the most popular social network of the moment, but also the application that is most used on both major mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Therefore, a new Facebook application is something of an event and the Facebook Timeline App for iPad sure left fans waiting after […]

Angry Birds iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 21 - 2012

The Angry Birds game has got to be the simplest iPad game ever! The basic concept of the application is easy: green pigs have stolen some eggs from the birds, which has made the birds angry, hence the name of the game. Now as a player, your mission is to help the birds find the […]

JetstreamHD for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 20 - 2012

The JetstreamHD for iPad app is one of the best options if what you want is content streaming towards your iPad. It connects directly to the router and sends HD video content, music and pictures, basically all types of multimedia content, to your iPad. The JetstreamHD iPad app is a free of charge application that […]

Noisepad iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 15 - 2012

Noisepad iPad app is a synthesizer application that allows you to add different and various sound effects to live shows. It has quite a potential, with its simple touch controls and great processor, which make the Noisepad an original sound board for the iPad. The very first thing that sets the Noisepad apart from the […]

Siri For IPhone 4 And IPhone 3GS Is Available

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 13 - 2012

I know that you all heard of Siri and know Siri is available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The developers from the jailbreak scene have made a great job porting Siri on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and even on the iPod Touch 4G. For Siri on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS we need to […]