Why you should invest in SEO for your website

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 28 - 2015

With more and more websites making their way online every day, having a simple website is no longer enough for any person. If there was a time where online competition was scarce and having a half decent website was enough to increase your profits that day is long gone and you will have to invest […]

Hair salon apps – how to find the right one

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 25 - 2015

The world today is ruled by technology and it has invaded virtually every aspect of our lives, from the way we communicate and stay informed to the way we operate our daily activities and even find products and services. Due to the technological advancements, there are now many applications and software for virtually anything we […]

Salon appointment scheduling software – the simple app

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 6 - 2015

Today, there are apps and programs for virtually anything we need or want to do in our every day life, whether for work or leisure, to get information or to find services, to travel and so on. Some apps are more complex and they are designed and aimed at IT buffs, while others are incredibly […]

How to achieve online marketing success

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 12 - 2014

The advent of the Internet has shaped business marketing, becoming the most efficient marketing tool available at the moment. It is not surprising that specialists adopt online based strategies considering the fact that people spend more time surfing the net than doing any other activity except perhaps sleeping. Digital marketing is a golden opportunity for […]

Anomaly Warzone Earth

Posted by Tom Starks On August - 27 - 2014

Many good, if not brilliant, games are actually old, worn-out genres with a hint of ingeniousness and a pinch of cleverness. The high def iPad app game – Anomaly Warzone Earth is exactly that. It’s a simple tower defense gameplay, but incredibly smart turned over, making the application a tremendous success developed by 11 Bit […]

Software updates on unlocked iPhones

Posted by Tom Starks On August - 26 - 2014

The iPhone is definitely one of the most covered gadgets of the year, but many Apple fans have to make some sacrifices to get their hands on it before a newer and better generation comes out. Few people can afford a factory unlocked iPhone – in fact, before the iPhone 4S, all iPhones were locked, […]

MoVI – the camera that revolutionized videography

Posted by Tom Starks On July - 31 - 2014

Those who are experienced with working in the film industry know how difficult it was to obtain a steady shot before the MoVI camera appeared. People watched movies at the cinema and in their homes, without appreciating them for their true value and the hard work of the crew behind them. However, the MoVI has […]

The importance of employing proficient cloud backup services

Posted by Tom Starks On July - 1 - 2014

Cloud computing and backup can bring many benefits to a business, from reduction of costs to faster implementation and use of applications, which is why more and more business owners and managers have chosen to make the switch from the traditional CAPEX model to the new OPEX one. However, in order for you to be […]

iPad App Chop Chop Caveman

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 6 - 2014

All Apple products have great functionality and are high end goods in the field, but they are also excellent for fun activities, their graphic platform and high resolution screen allowing games to raise to a different standard. Chop Chop Caveman is the latest success brought to you by Gamerizon. The iPad App Chop Chop Caveman […]

The Best Smartphone for Business

Posted by Tom Starks On October - 9 - 2013

The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone integrates a touchscreen that can memorize your writing style. The keyboard provides you a more accurate typing experience, and it offers personalized suggestions for the next-word. This smartphone incorporates many effective functions that can help you manage your businesses, even when you are not at the office.

Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store

Posted by Tom Starks On September - 25 - 2013

Great news for the iPad owner games passionate – the Plopp HD iPad app hits the App Store! It is a delightful application, very easy to use and extremely entertaining for when you just need to relax and have some time to kill. The iPad version is so much better than the iPhone one, as […]

Zoho Projects- The Best Way To Run A Project

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 28 - 2013

The best feature of this application is the Dropbox, a sharing tool that can instantly turn into a work place where team members can debate a certain file as well as modify it and upgrade it. This way you no longer have to deal with file size problems or disorganized work documents. You can track the project development whenever you want and wherever you are.

Free Time Games

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 20 - 2013

   The way we spend our free time is very important, because there must be a balance between stimulating and relaxing activities, which allow the brain rest, but which also feed it useful and interesting information. Games are some of the oldest and most preferred activities, because they entertain us, they help develop our way […]

Google Catalogs

Posted by Tom Starks On January - 2 - 2013

The millions of iPad users now have another good reason to feel good about their purchase and enjoy their iOS device and that is the launch of a brilliant application. The Google Catalogs has been the one of the main subject of most of last year’s tech news. The new iPad app-Google Catalogs allows you to […]

UpNext HD Maps

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 7 - 2012

While Google and Apple are still working on making Google maps useable on iOS devices, the UpNext company has successfully brought on the market a great iPad maps application, called UpNext HD Maps, which makes use of awesome 3D graphics. It is one of the greatest maps apps for either iPads or Android tablets, covering […]

Action Movie FX

Posted by Tom Starks On October - 4 - 2012

The cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX was designed to give your home movies a bit of the Hollywood blockbusters’ effect. There is a free version of the Action Movie FX that comes with only two special effects and you will then have to purchase any additional effect from the App Store. The incredible cool […]

The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On October - 2 - 2012

While Android games such as The Oregon Trail Classic Game can never reach the popularity of PC games like League of Legends and WoW, it is still a great game that will help you pass time. With League of Legends being the most played game in the world with 27 million players logging in every […]

Shared Paper Lite

Posted by Tom Starks On September - 17 - 2012

The entire idea around iPad was to have a level of flexibility and mobility that even a laptop can’t provide. Well, the Shared Paper App takes flexibility to a whole new level by turning your iPad into an ultimate visual communication tool. The Shared Paper Lite makes the application available for free, enabling people to […]

Windows VPS for successful website hosting

Posted by Tom Starks On September - 4 - 2012

Looking for ways to improve your hosting when it comes to online businesses? If you’re operating with Windows 2003 version or higher, then you should indeed consider Windows VPS as your one and only source of accurate hosting. This virtual private server is an advanced procedure of sharing resources and gain the benefit of administrating […]

World of Goo HD iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On August - 28 - 2012

The World of Goo HD iPad app is a puzzle game, one of the best as a matter of fact, which also available for other iOS devices, like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch. It is one of the most entertaining games for the iPad in App Store. It may not make a lot […]