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Siri For IPhone 4 And IPhone 3GS Is Available

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 13 - 2012

I know that you all heard of Siri and know Siri is available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The developers from the jailbreak scene have made a great job porting Siri on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and even on the iPod Touch 4G.

For Siri on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS we need to thank to people like “chpwn” and “Steve Troughton-Smith” but for finding a way to extract from the iPhone 4S IPSW file all Siri files to be moved with success on the iPhone 4 and 3GS and on all other iDevices that support iOS 5 we will have to stay at the mercy of the other developers.

If you are distributing the Siri files from the iPhone 4S over the internet it is called piracy because the developers from Apple, as a marketing strategy, made Siri available just for iPhone 4S. Being some law abiding citizens the developers from Chronic Dev team and iPhone Dev Team will try to find out a way to get the files from the IPSW file, because if they will realize that everybody will be capable to access the files just downloading them from the Apple servers.

Being available, Siri on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, you can transfer the files from a device to another only if you have an iPhone 4S.

As I told you Siri for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS is available but the extracting thing is the problem, which I hope that I will be solved soon by the jailbreakers out there that are working at it.

The newest update is that with the help of HISiri you can install siri on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G.

If you are trying hard to install siri on iPhone 4 I want to let you know that HiSiri can help you with that. This is actually a tweak for jailbreakers and it will let you to install Siri’s GUI server connectivity on another device like iPhone 4.

After you have finished installing HiSiri on your device you will not be able to connect to the Apple servers but you can still connect to the private servers that are offered by the jailbreakers.

Not being an official Apple support you will experience some bugs or some small issues with HiSiri. We still hope that the developers from Apple to reconsider and to release an official support that can let you install Siri on iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS.

How to remove a Trojan Virus

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 23 - 2011

When talking about computers, it is not a conversation on the topic if not involving in the discussion the major problem computers have – viruses. As in all cases, when a useful thing has been invented, in this case the computer, it was also created an innovating program to break it down, such an antidote for a snake’s venom. Going back to the line, viruses come in various forms and effects. The most common is the Trojan Virus, which can trick any computer user when opening mails or downloading a specific program. In order to learn how to remove a Trojan Virus from your computer, it is required to know what such a hazard is and what effects it has.

It is little probability of not interfering at least once with a Trojan Virus as being a person who uses the computer every day, so it imperative to understand how we can remove the virus. First of all, remember what anti-virus you have installed when you got the computer. Next, open it and wait for its appearance on the screen and go to the “Disk View”. Here, select the “Scan/Repair” diagram for the antivirus to detect and delete the virus. The last thing you need to do as a Mac user is to restart your computer in order to get it fresh, as new.

Now, if you are a Windows user the process is a little more complicated. Here is a scheme of what do you have to click to remote any virus from your computer: Start → my computer → Proprieties → Turn Off System Restore → Apply → Yes → OK. Also, install any new updates on virus definitions by downloading from the specify website of the anti-virus you use, in order to keep your computer aware from any new virus formula. After this step, scan your computer periodically to prevent and in case it is needed, to detect and trash any virus that has been received in your computer. Most Trojan Viruses have been detected for ages in the “C:\” hard drive. Then, go to: Start → Run → type “regedit” and click OK. Follow the virus’ location and delete the entry registry. Next, exit it and restart your computer to be ensured for the total beneficial effect it has had. If followed step by step this process, there would be a hundred per cent chances to not interfere any more with ant Trojan Virus.

How to clean up your computer & make it run faster

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 16 - 2011

Nowadays, it is known the fact that the computer is used by almost all the seven billion people on the planet, from Steve Jobs to the time we live in. To have your computer always available for any unwelcome event, it is necessary to prevent it from any damages, both physical and technological. In order to meet all the requirements, you can get it without investing any cent or specific knowledge.

Nowadays, the process of cleaning up a computer is not a secret anymore – even if you are not a programmer, there is not a single problem. The first and the most important thing is to install both Anti-virus and anti-Spy ware which are made to prevent your computer from unwelcome friends if repeating the process on a daily basis. In case the process is not taken into consideration at least once per month, your computer will be predisposed to major damages which eventually will turn it down.

This article is based on how to clean your computer, so the next step in the process is to delete the files from the program named “Registry” which stores a big amount of information that does not help you or your computer. Instead, that information and the one which is being kept day by day in Temporary Internet files make your personal computer to shut down in one moment because of the over exploitation.

Neither the last nor the least, it is required to defrag your computer once per month in order to make it run faster and arrange your system files. If you do not have enough time to follow this step, it is possible to install an Advanced System Care Program which will do your work. This may be a solution, but is not the best in our opinion. The one that we recommend is to both install the system care program and defrag manually your computer for a hundred per cent secure.

The last but not the least in the process of how to clean your computer is to install an Anti-spy ware program which is designed to implement protection against any virus when surfing on the internet and many more. In this combination, your computer is being protected from any hazard it can interfere with at every step. Followed step by step, the entire process of how to clean your computer will prove to you once again you made a good investment of time and money.

Toshiba Satellite L755-128

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 9 - 2011

We dare you to focus your attention on the new Toshiba Satellite L755-128 which has been nowadays released on the market. It is a decent gaming laptop known from the 7 series of those made by Toshiba, which has recently appeared in our country.

Its design is both simple and classy, thanks to the white and black colors with which the laptop has been filled. In order to bit the bush, we are now going to present to you the technical specification the new Toshiba Satellite L755-128 has: starting with its Processor, it weights an Intel Core i5-2410M 2.30 GHz 3MB cache; it has a memory RAM storage of $BG DDR3 1333 MHz frequency and an HDD of 640 GB 5400 rpm. Next, we are going to talk about its dedicated video card nVidia of 525M 1GB and the Integrated Graphics Intel HD 3000. The Toshiba Satellite L755-128 has a connectivity based on: Wireless b / g / n, Bluetooth, DVD-RE, webcam, USB 2.0 (2 ports), HDMI, VGA, card reader, RJ-45, exit microphone and audio output.

If you already think of purchasing this product we will bring in your attention both the positive and negative aspects of it. First of all, when talking about the positive aspects, the primarily is its configuration which is not doing at all any compromising to its performance. Also, we can mention the fact that it has autonomy pretty good of more that 4 hours are weights only 2.5 kg. On the negative side, the glossy look will definitely attract dust, and also the display which will harm vision as well.

It will make impossible to use the laptop in bright light; another minus would be the fact that the hard drive runs at 5400 RPT, where for such a device has been recommended 7200 rpm. In order to draw line to make a conclusion, this laptop is recommended for gamers and for those who want to have a classy and elegant powerful office device, but not for those who usually work outside because the external light will affect the screen’s visibility.

No matter what decision you will make, the Toshiba Satellite L755-128 will always remain a legendary stylish laptop which provides elegance and powerful storage for any files when used in the house and kept away form the sun light. Either way, this investment will always remind you of a good deal you have made in your life.

Toshiba Satellite L755-128 Pictures Gallery

How to fix PC problems

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 5 - 2011

Computer is nowadays the most used technological part from all around the globe. But as its positive points, it has also some negatives, such as problems the computer can interfere with. The new solution has been released in order to help users save their money which before were spent on expensive diagnostics.

PC problems can be easily fixed. If a program freezes, press simultaneously CTRL+ALT+DELETE in order to get the Task Manager right on your screen. Then, go to PROCESSES tab, click on the program which interrupted you from working and press END TASK. This will allow your computer to get back to the important things in order to provide you work space and time. Install the “Safe Mode” – this process is used for detecting any virus with which your antivirus has difficulty in detecting or deleting it. The “Safe Mode” is designed to start your computer using only the necessary programs without involving the others. Also, use the “System Restore” to undo any changes which may have harmed you computer. Specify a date when getting a new computer and apply the “System Restore” any time you wish in order to fix any PC problems.

Also, an important and required step is to defragment your computer once in a while. This process is usually done one per month, to fill the empty memory with the one which is left behind, in order to make your computer run faster. All these steps are done without paying any cent and also, it provides you security if being skeptical when choosing a program which has to be downloaded to make its work. The PC problems can be fixed really easy, but they can also be prevented. In this case, you will have more time for yourself which usually is spent on fixing PC problems.

These times, computer is the most precious thing any person has and the one which can provide you more money besides the one you get from your work. So, as a modality of earning money, should not it receive some appreciations? And what would provide more pleasure for it than being clean on the outside and the inside? In plus, you will get your work done quickly and you will have enough time to spend with your family and friends. Now, go and fix any problems your PC has and get a holiday to relax your mind!

How to stop unwanted email

Posted by Tom Starks On November - 18 - 2011

Day by day we get our inbox filled with unwanted emails. This is not a secret anymore that more that halves from our emails are spam. At the first look, they do not seem dangerous, not at all. But in time, all those emails may bring us serious damages…

Any spam hides a virus, most of them named Trojan Viruses. These viruses usually erase important files from your computer and also make your computer run slower and slower. In this case, the first thing you need to do if receiving an email named ‘how to get rich quick’ or so is to complain and contact your ISP. They are made to filter out any strange email which may interfere with your address. The next step refers to you – from now on, be careful to whom you give your address and public it only on secure sites.

Also, if you can say how to, try to send a message to the postmaster at the spammer’s ISP in which to complain about the fact you have received an unwanted email, or two, or ten thousands. You can right-click on the message and choose properties or options to see the spammer’s source. But, beside all this mess, it should be taken into account the fact that you must be aware of sending an unwanted email to a postmaster which can be just an advertisement. It would offer to a person who you are subscribed to some money, and we do not thing you want to ruin its business.

Search on the Internet some built-in spam filters if your email provider does not have one. It is free and easy to install, and more important, it does not have any viruses. If you are not convinced yet, we suggest you to buy anti-spy software to find some alternatives. An old method of impeding any spam to interfere with your computer is to look over the Internet after the known viruses, which have usually the same names or the same intentions. Though, this method needs more time and also, day by day new viruses are invented using other names and effects on your computer. You need to have an eagle eye if you want your computer to run at its maximum power, and it is just the first thing you need to have in your mind. Any unwanted problem or email has to be erased.

About IT Jobs

Posted by Tom Starks On November - 7 - 2011

It is not a secret anymore that IT Jobs are one of the well-paid jobs in the entire world. It could not been otherwise, because IT can be found in every single domain. It has influenced traditions, industries and the entire sociality as well. It is required to know that any person who enjoys the IT Jobs and what they involve are welcomed to learn everything about it. Also, many persons qualified in other domains but getting an IT diploma have been considered for many other jobs.

IT occupations are various, from call center workers to hardware technicians. Any IT worker has to know that he plays with a major responsibility. In plus, you can choose from a list of IT Jobs, such as: software engineers, software developers, phone designers, Web developers, help desk specialists, programmers, telecom architects and lab technicians. If you have the chance and the luck of being selected to a government office, you need to know you are one of the best in this domain.

The IT professionals have a large area of activity, and they can be found in health care centers, high-tech companies, large enterprises, non-profit organizations, universities and defense contracting agencies. But being a professional in IT Jobs is not everything; every worker on this domain need to be able to have a communication with any person he would interfere with, a solid team work ethic, a vast vocabulary and a good way of understanding how world changes; it is also known the fact that the IT domain is the first modified if talking place a change.

But the IT Jobs do not have only bad sides though. As we mentioned above, these jobs are the most lucrative but they vary from state to state, although the median income is $40,000 in the poor states. In this case, think about the rich ones, where the median income is $100,000. So, are you still questioning about it? Also, the IT Jobs required a keen temperament and a strong power of working, both with team colleagues and with you. Putting these affirmations in balance, the result is evident. The IT Jobs are very lucrative and easy to be done if doing it with dedication and in good state of mind. A desk job is sometimes what everyone needs; even we always look after some other domains, such as medicine or marketing, in the end we are always wondering how it would have been working in the IT domain.


Posted by Tom Starks On October - 25 - 2011

In order to make a comparison, it is needed two components. This article talks about HDD and SDD, which need to be known by the both parts.

The hard disk drive (HDD) is the most important part from a computer that can store digital information consisting of one or more platters that usually rotate at high speed. The information is accessed from the platters using some read-write heads mounted on an arm that swings on a spindle. All these components are being protected by a casing which stores them all.

The Solid-state drive (SDD) is a component part of a computer that is used to store all the information. These components are usually used to make the micro-chips, and the information is stored in “non-volatile memory chips”, even if not being supplied with electricity.

Now, after meeting the two adversaries, the battle can begin. The first subject we are debating on is the Spin-up time which at HDD can take several seconds despite the immediately spin-up time which SDD can provide. At HDD, the random access time varies between 5 and 10 ms; talking about the same topic, the random access time at SDD has approximately 0.1 ms. So far, the SDD goes on the first place. The read latency time is in general high at HDD, but at SDD it is low. This fact provides the HDD to go back in the front place, but the battle is not finished yet. The next topic is the consistent read performance; HDD needs a different time for response, but the SDD is not influenced by any of this impediments. The file fragmentation impact is again, not influenced when using a SDD.

The HDD needs to get a periodical defragmentation; contrarily, the SDD does not benefit of defragmentation because every single process has a bad effect for the computer. Another point for SDD is the total power consumption which consumes less than the 18 Watt accorded to the HDD. Going down to the most controversial topic, the price has started a lot of debates – in October 2010, the price for HDD is: 0, 10$ for 1GB whereas for SDD 1GB is 2$.

Now, the winner is known just by you. We have already made a decision, but what about you? It is hard, though, to say which the best is, because both of them have all the components but one or another has better proprieties.

Methods to fix hdd bad sectors

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 28 - 2011

When the HDD of your computer has an increased number of bad sectors this could be a sign to replace it. There are physical bad sectors and logical bad sectors. If you want to fix the logical bad sectors it could be a hope but for fixing the physical bad sectors there are no chances. An advice for this problem would be to use the “kill disk” software. This software will isolate the bad sectors and rearrange the files and folders which are not affected. You will lose the space the bad sectors used to fill (for example if the bad sectors occupied 3 GB, your HDD will lose 3 GB of its memory).

You have to know that when using this software to fix the bad sectors on your HDD you will have to format the disk and thus you will lose any data on it. Taking into consideration this, you should save any data you’ll need later and after that you will try to backup the critical files on the HDD (this could be links, documents, pictures or anything you’ve downloaded from the internet). The next step would be to repair bad sectors by running Check Desk). Go to My Computer, click on your HDD (C Drive), choose Properties and select the “Error Checking” (from Tools). Here you’ll find an option for scanning and attempting to recover the bad sectors. This action will take a while to complete. If the checking reports a lot of bad sectors, you could find in you computer (at Disk Drives in the Device Manager of your HDD the producer’s site). Download from this site a drive integrity tool for making a test of the HDD.

If there are reported a lot of errors on the drive you should ask the producer to replace your HDD. You should be very careful when noticing a bad sector because even if you manage to isolate it afterwards it could spread in many other sectors across the HDD.

Ways to fix the LCD dead pixels

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 28 - 2011

There could be two types of pixels which wouldn’t fit on your LCD monitor: dead pixels and stuck pixels. Dead pixels are points on your LCD monitor which permanently remains on black and stuck pixels in other colors. Usually there are more chances for fixing a stuck pixel but there are hopes for dead pixels too. It would be preferable to test the LCD monitor for pixel errors after you buy it. The reasons for these dead pixels could be transistor malfunctions or an unequal distribution of liquid in liquid crystal display but sometimes dead pixels on your LCD can be fixed.

There are some methods which pretend that you could fix yourself the dead pixels on the LCD monitor (for example by putting some pressure on the dead pixels with a cloth and a dull object or by “rubbing” the monitor with one of your fingers on the surface with bad pixels) but even safely, there are some programs which help you to fix them.

One of these programs is UD Pixel, a very small program (under 100 KB). You’ll find it on the internet and you can download it zipped (which means you won’t have to install it – you launch the executable file). promises that a simple GIF picture provided by them solves some dead pixels cases. This picture is an animation which quickly alternates primary colors on each pixel, as a good massage for the monitor.

Another recommended program is Dead Pixel Tester, a free and easy to use tool which can be used as a testing program for the LCD monitors, for checking if there are dead or stuck pixels and even to fix lcd dead pixels. Download the program, open it and then using the Color Selector button choose all the available colors to see if and where are dead pixels. After detecting the bad pixels press Exerciser button and it will appear a window which will quickly change the colors. With the help of the mouse draw this window in the area with dead pixels for 5 minutes. This will usually fix the dead pixels problem from your LCD monitor. It none of these methods works you’ll certainly have to buy another monitor.