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Why should you invest more in building a strong brand image?

Posted by Tom Starks On January - 30 - 2019

Having a strong brand image on a highly competitive market will give you a strong advantage in the face of those enterprises that offer the same products and services as you. Brand image will help you build a strong reputation and keep ahead of your competition. Your brand is your business card as well. Visual identity is mandatory for a strong brand image, you should know that your brand is not resumed at your logo. It takes time and dedication to build what will be recognizable and stand out from the crowd. Below we will explain why you should invest more in building a strong image.

You can’t simply design your own brand

You might have a slight idea on what you want your brand o look and “feel” like. You may want to be the do-it-all-yourself brand but this isn’t the most suitable option. For instance, you don’t want your official website to end up looking like a do-it-yourself website. You want one that is fully functional and meets all your visitors’ expectations. You want a clean design and fast loading pages, as the experts at Mandreel claim. Otherwise, you will end up with visitors that are ditching you before even getting accustomed with your full offer.

Digital Marketing Will Boost Your Brand Image

Digital marketing is one of those branding efforts that will increase boost your company image significantly. Professional agencies will help you achieve better results branding-wise than you will ever be able to achieve. They will not only analyse your current marketing situation, but they will also help you improve it significantly. Advertising your products and services online and creating a strong brand image around those will be easier to achieve in this situation. Digital marketing has become incredibly relevant and important for branding efforts and this can’t be achieved by yourself.

PR efforts matter and help with customer engagement

PR efforts are incredibly relevant for brand image. But in most of the cases, business owners overlook their importance and the impact that those can bring when it comes to customer engagement. This Jakarta PR agency explains that PR efforts improve a brand’s image due to the narrative that they offer to the company itself and the products or services, as well. They create a story, build a reputation and thus, boost customer engagement significantly. They help enterprises shape their image into whatever they want and in what the market seems to be more receptive at. While they help brands to positively influence their image on the market, these services can also help them “wash” their image as a result of unwanted events and mistakes either in the management or in manufacturing process. They help companies maintain a clean and appealing image. Contrary to many business owners’ belief, this is not a do-it-yourself job, either. It demands a deep knowledge of the market and impeccable communication and persuasion skills.

The main reason why businesses should invest more in their brand image is simply that specialised services will achieve better results than in-house efforts.

How to choose the right domain name

Posted by Tom Starks On July - 12 - 2017


If you want to create a website, then one decision you will have to live with for many years is the domain name of the web page. You may have some ideas, but you do not know which one of them is the right one to register. Does any one of the names from your list resonate with the content of the page? What mistakes should you avoid? Well, you should know that the process of choosing a domain name is similar to the one of choosing the name for your company. You will have to consider multiple aspects and to think a lot. Through your domain name, you create an identity for your company on the web, so you should not hurry to choose one, until you are not sure that it fits your business. It should resonate with your company and you should not have difficulties in promoting it. If you do not know what factors influence this choice, you should check the guide offered by Com Web Hosting.

The domain name should be brandable

This means that when someone sees or hears the name of your domain, they consider it representative for your brand. You should not include in the name numbers and hyphens, because it will not sound as a brand adress. These signs sound strange and generic and they do not help you promote your business. Think at the specific of your website, if you want to sell bread, you should not use for example, because it will be hard to say and remember. You can use for example, because it is unique and people will definitely remember it. An amazing option would be because it is memorable and it has a scientific connotation.

Make sure people can pronounce it

The majority of people do not consider this factor important, because they think that the visitors will simple type the address or they will be clicking on it. But it is important the name of the domain to be simple to be pronounced, because of “processing fluency”. It is know that people remember easier the names they have no difficulties to pronounce. According to the region and language you target, you should consider this aspect.

Choose a short name

The length of the name influences the processing fluency. The fewer characters the domain name has, the easier the users will find it to share, type and say. Also, you can be sure in this way that the social media sharing platforms will not shorten it.

Use broad keywords

Keywords are affective when choosing the domain name, because it can help you from the SEO perspective. You can choose a keyword for your domain name that will make it obvious for people what the web page is about. But it is advisable to talk with a specialist in this case, because some keywords have negative associations and you would want to avoid them. Think of websites like, they do not include a keyword, but they are well-branded.

Is the accounting software a good idea for small businesses?

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 30 - 2017


When talking about investments, most people assume that important businesses, corporations are in fact asking questions, looking to gather further pieces of information. In reality, small businesses have the same right as any others to ask questions, to demand information, because, at the end of the day, their needs might be the same, up to a certain point of course. The idea of investing in tools and systems is very attractive for all business owners. For instance, an accounting software could make a great difference. MYOB for small business could turn out to be a great investment, a wise choice for a growing company with growing needs. Why not have a closer look at this issue to find out even more about the topic?

Customizable versions

Misunderstandings regarding this topic could appear for the simple fact that small businesses are commonly associated with the idea of small budget. However, this should not mean that you have to give up on the software altogether. You can choose a customizable version, one that is not necessarily expensive. The idea is that adding features, making it fit your company’s needs perfectly is the version in which in which you end up paying a small fortune for it. On the other hand, if you decide to keep only those essential options which you need at the moment, having the possibility to customize that version in the future, you will not pay that much for the software.

Better to act fast

Any small company has dreams to grow and become stronger and more profitable. To make sure that your business will indeed grow and nothing will stop it from doing so in an appropriate manner, you need to make sure that everything is organized from the very beginning. It is not that difficult if you invest in a functional and professional management system. That is why you should focus on investing in a tool of this kind, when the needs of the company are still controllable. When things start to change and most likely they will, you will be fully prepared.

Assistance and trainings

It is much better to take action when there is still plenty of time ahead of you. Before things get extremely complicated and before your team gets larger and larger, it is much better to get accustomed with the software, implement it at your own pace and get the help you need from the staff who developed the software in the first place. When you have a lot of time on your hands, you have nothing to worry about.


Have you just moved into a foreign country and you feel confused when it comes to sending and receiving money? Do not worry! Almost everybody has been in your shoes at least once. But, here is a small guide which can help you a lot. Read the tips carefully and the whole procedure will become a hassle-free one.

The most important rule when it comes to money transfer services

There are many people who make mistakes when it comes to sending money with the help of money transfer services. One of the most common mistakes is that they do not compare the services. Usually, the banks are their favorite choice when it comes to money transfer. But this does not mean that this traditional option is also the best. They usually include hidden fees and costs that may dig you deep into your pocket. Thus, in order to make sure that you take the wisest decision, use the services of a platform which deals with money transfer and foreign exchange transfers. Search for compare money transfer and you can find more valuable information.

There are other alternatives than sending money with the help of a bank?

By comparing the offers online, you can get a great deal. Also, you can find some secure money transfer alternatives which will not cost you a fortune. Despite the hidden costs and fees, the banks are usually slow. For example, if you are the parent of a young girl and she gets sick, you will have to send her money for going to doctor. Thus, you cannot afford to waste any minute, can you? If the answer is affirmative, you should choose an alternative which proves a wise choice. On the other hand, do not send money in the post. It is a popular alternative, but it is also risky. If you want to find a quick option, you should go for PayPal transfers. They work instantly.

What should you do if you want to make an international payment?

When it comes to international payments, the same rule is usually applied: you have to find a trustworthy company which can help you make your international payments. According to statistics, there are many people who complain about the fact that they can barely keep track of their bills. However, when it comes to international transfers, this thing can prove even more difficult. But, with the help of a reliable source, you can forget about worries.

How can you decide if an online comparison platform is a reliable source of information or not?

The best advice that we can offer you is to read reviews. Also, by finding out how many people use that online platform, you can decide whether it is a reliable source of comparison or not. The more there are, the better it is for you to work with such online platform. Another indicator of the fact that you are working with a reliable source is related to experience. Search for those who come with long years of experience.                                                                                                              

Things to know about an online advertising agency

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 8 - 2017


There are many online experts who say that if you do not promote your business online, you practically do not exist. But this is not all. Statistics also show that more and more people prefer searching for things online when they need something because it is a more convenient method. This means that you need the services of an advertising agency. Here are some things that you should know about it.

Work only with the best experts!

Do you believe that online advertising is something that makes your head spinning with all the problems? You are nothing but wrong. Search only for those companies which come with experience. They are able to work fast and also to help you understand how things really work in this industry which may seem somehow confusing.

Believe it or not, starting an online advertising campaign is one of the best digital marketing strategies that can highly influence your activity. However, even if it seems difficult, it only takes a couple of minutes to get your ad rolling. The only thing that you have to do is to enter the category of your service. Then, you should select your target audience and the process is almost completed.

You need a landing page

There are digital marketing agencies which help you build a branding image. But in order to do that, it is better to include video content and contact details. Thus, by using these details, people can find your landing page when they do their online research for products and services.

Do not worry about payment!

There are many people who claim that they do not like to use online advertising campaigns because they are afraid that they will pay too much. But this is not true. There are companies which do not take any penny if the landing page is not set up. Therefore, you can forget about upfront payment.

Give it a try!

You do not have to spend a fortune for your online ads. You only have to start with a small budget. After you test the waters, you can decide if you should go on or if you will stop there.

Learn more about PPC!

Have you heard about pay per click before? In case you have not, you should know that the search engines usually bring up to 90% of the traffic and visitors. Also, pay per click advertising is still one of the wisest options. Which are the benefits of such campaigns? Frist of all, you receive instant traffic. Secondly, you only pay for results. Thirdly, you can easily attract the target audience, by taking into consideration aspects which are related to location. In case you are not convinced yet, you should try to read more about pay per click advertising or get in contact with those who have already tried this thing before.

Invite other people to join the benefits

In case you are satisfied with the results, you can invite your friends to promote their business by using the services of the same reliable ad agency. This is also a good way to make sure that they receive fair prices. Or, in case you do not know anyone who needs these services, you can at least write a review!

Features offered by computerized accounting software  

Posted by Tom Starks On March - 25 - 2017

One computerized system that has become extremely popular among business owners is an accounting software, which increases work productivity by simplifying standard accounting tasks. Due to what this sort of system promises, many business owners have decided to purchase and install one, and you should consider doing the same. When it comes to the myob accounting software, you will find a great offer just by browsing the web. But what makes this system so great, and why should you buy one? Well, usually, computerized accounting programs come with the following features:


One feature that you should look for, when trying to find an accounting software, is customization. Each business has its needs and requirements, and because accounting tasks vary from one enterprise to another, the software you will be using should adapt to the profile of your business. The majority of systems will give you the chance to customize forms, statements, screens, reports and so on, exactly the way you want. This is an essential detail to look for, because a software product that does not meet all business requirements will prove to be inefficient, so research this aspect with more care.


For anyone running a business, the main desire is to achieve a higher level of success, and develop constantly. Because the needs of company can always change or expand, you need to choose an accounting system that comes with an expandability feature. Your business can grow either in scope, size, or in both, so being prepared is necessary – after all, this is the goal in any industry. Resort to an accounting program vendor that can ensure you of extra capabilities, and can offer you over time, the possibility to add new modules to the software. Even if you might not realize it, expandability can be an essential accounting software feature is you think long term.


Last but least, with an accounting software you can be 100 percent sure that all your data is completely secured. Any business depends on its accounting services, so making sure every single file is protected is a necessity. While traditional accounting might be difficult to organize, and maintain the data secured at all time, with a software product you can be sure that no one outside your enterprise can access your private business information. Moreover, if you choose the right system, the security features you will have access to, will function as anti-malware technology as well. This is one strong reason why you need this type of system.

As you can see, a software designed to provide accounting support comes with various amazing features, each one of them being as useful as the other. If this subject has caught your interest, perhaps you will give more thought to the possibility of installing a software program of this kind yourself. You can look online for options, and choose a system that promises to deliver amazing results. When you have the opportunity to simplify accounting tasks, why not take advantage of it?

Using a card printing service – are business cards still relevant?

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 22 - 2017


What better way to introduce yourself to a potential client, than handing them a perfectly looking business card? Well, if a few years ago business cards where an essential marketing tool for almost any business person, nowadays they have started to be left behind. However, those who still want to have a professional advantage in any given situation, still value these publicity tools. Using a service for name card printing Singapore can help your business reach a wider level of success, regardless of the domain of your practice. If you are not convinced that investing money in card printing is worth it, then read the following aspects.


In the business industry, you need to constantly be prepared, because you can never know when a new opportunity arises. Perhaps you are traveling across the country and you meet someone that might be interested in the services you are offering, and having a business card to hand out will give them the possibility of contacting you. Offering potential clients a card with all your contact info, instead of an email or phone number is far more convenient for you, and it also makes you seem professional in front of the other person. Cards allow you to always be prepared, and gain new business.

Making your brand tangible

A business card is not only about sharing contact info with clients, but it contributes to making your brand tangible. The way the card is designed, its texture, weight, font, and look can send a positive message to the person receiving it, aspect that might determine them to look your business up, even if might not be particularly interested in your services. Cards can influence your brand in a positive manner, so you should use them to your advantage.

They will be appreciated

While living in a digital world, people still appreciate old-fashioned marketing methods. Even if you might not have thought about it, clients can see you in an entirely different way if instead of an email you choose to hand out a standard business card. You can even research the topic, or discuss with people who have been managing businesses for a long time, and you will find out more about how relevant these cards can be. Still having your business cards printed does not mean you are not keeping up with the times, it means you are evolving but still value and maintain classic fundamental business principles.  

Considering all of these aspects, perhaps now you understand better why cards are still relevant in the business world. If you want to maintain a positive image for you enterprise, and to always seem professional in front of your clients, then using a printing service to deliver you excellent cards will be necessary. You can easily find a firm that handles these kinds of services just by searching on the web. However, make sure to check a few examples of their work in advance, to make sure the price you are paying is worth it.