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Everything you need to know about social media addiction

Posted by Tom Starks On November - 1 - 2018

Social media addiction is becoming increasingly common among people of all ages and genders. If you spend way too much time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media apps and platforms, you may be one of those who needs specialized help. However, it has to interfere with one’s daily life, to claim that they are addicted to social media.

Over the years, there has been no official recognition of this addiction or disorder. Still, these disorders show a combination of symptoms and behavior that make it suitable to be categorized as an addiction form. This has led to further research and debates in the medical sector. Below are some of the most important things that one should know about social media addiction.

The most common signs of social media addiction

If you want to know if you should seek professional help or not, you must first figure out if you show any signs of addiction. Below are some of the most common symptoms of social media addiction.

  • Social media is the first thing that you do in the morning. If the first thing to do in the morning after you wake up is checking your social media accounts, you should start worrying as this is one of the most common signs of social media addiction. This has been identified by the experts at numerous holistic rehabs for addiction across the US.
  • You procrastinate by spending time online. If social media is one of the reasons why you procrastinate and can’t seem to be able to accomplish your daily tasks including at work, this is another sign that you should seek professional help.
  • You check in on social media everywhere you go. If all your online friends know exactly what you’ve been up to even if you haven’t met in a while, you should start worrying.
  • You constantly check notifications. You check your phone for notifications even if you don’t have that notification buzz, you may as well be addicted to social media.

What to do in case of social media addiction?

If you recognize yourself in the description above, you may want to start researching treatment options. You will be interested to find out that the professional therapists at The Holistic Sanctuary advise potential addicts to seek the help of an alternative treatment center, as these show higher success rates among their patients than traditional ones do.

Turning your website into an app – the why’s and how’s

Posted by Tom Starks On October - 4 - 2017


With the development of smart devices, nowadays, almost any important website on the internet also has an app version, which you can download on your phone or tablet. Having an app alternative is especially convenient for businesses who desire to expand and obtain a higher, more profitable client reach. If you want to learn about the exact reason why converting your website into an app is advantageous, and how you can handle the task in a fast and easy manner, here are the why’s and how’s you should know about

Easy conversion option

Before understating the benefits of it, you should first know how easy a website conversion can actually be. Because you probably cannot afford spending time or resources on a complex app development process, you have the great option of using a software tool to handle the task. With an advanced program, such as GoNative.Io – tells you everything you need to know about this software product – you can convert your website in just five minutes, no time consumption and no effort from your part whatsoever. So if you were fearing that creating an app is a complicated and timely task, now you know that as long as you resort to the right option, it could not get easier.

Mobile is the present and future

You are probably well aware of the fact that nowadays, people are constantly with a smartphone in their hands, and desktop access is no longer that popular among average internet users. Although those who are interested in what you have to offer on your website might still use a regular search engine to find you, having an app alternative will certainly peek their interest even more. So if you want to keep up with the technological trends, go mobile!

It’s easier for visitors to access your content 

Standing at user’s disposal with an easy to install app will make it easier for your regular website visitors to access your content. Regardless of the nature of your online platform, whether it is a blog, an online store, a business related platform, give users the possibility to reach the information found on your website faster and easier,

Increase retention and engagement

Having an app will also allow you to send out notifications and maximize audience retention and engagement. Reminders and push notifications can make a big difference in the further development of the success of your business or website, so using application to provide you with the audience retention increase you desire will be a great, effective idea, maintaining your brand constantly fresh. 

If you wre still wondering if turning your website e into an app is actually worth your time or not, now you have all the information you need to actually make your decision. While providing you with various notable benefits, handling this task is not even that time-consuming if you use the right software product. Just as mentioned above, in a matter of a few minutes, you can convert any website into an app, and start enjoying the perks of it.

Questions to ask yourself before going for an app maker

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 18 - 2017


The market is plentiful in apps nowadays. Google Play and AppStore are two of the largest app providers in the world, with billions of apps available both for sale and for free use. However, no matter how high the competition may be in this domain, there is still room for every small fish in the pond. Yet, if you are interested in launching an app, it is essential you come up with something new, something that will make people press the download button immediately. If you need some help in creating the app, an app builder such as Siberian can help you understand better the points you need to focus more on, but before you resort to a specific builder, you should ask yourself these questions first.

Do I really need an app builder or should I just create the app myself?

First things first, you have to know that in order to create an app you must have some coding background. There are certain things you need to pay attention to when creating an app and writing the coding as great as you can should be your top priority. If you do not have vast knowledge in coding, but you still want to build an app, it is recommended you opt for the best app maker on the market. It is worth mentioning that these app makers are not only for those who have little to no background in coding, but also for those who are professional coders and have several years of experience in the field, yet need something to freshen up their skills and knowledge.

How do I choose the right app maker?

The variety of app builders is extremely large. Before you select a specific one, you have to think at the type of app you want to build. For instance, you can have a native app, where the focus is mostly placed on the UX, a web app or a hybrid app, and the latter two are characterised by cross-platform flexibility. There are advantages and disadvantages of both options, so make sure you are aware of them all and you make the right choice to suit your needs.

How much should I spend?

Considering the wide range of app makers that can be found on the online market today, it can be quite difficult to make a choice. One criterion many people resort to when it comes to this is the price they would have to pay for using an app maker. While there are apps that are completely free, there are other app builders, which come with more advanced settings and features, and for which you will have to pay a yearly subscription in order to be able to use them to the fullest.

What other features of an app maker should I consider?

Last but not least, know that app makers differ a lot not only in terms of price, but also when it comes to the features and characteristics they provide. When choosing an app builder, you have to take into account the graphic design support it offers, what integrations, add-ons and plugins are available and how easy to use the app builder is.


Is watching video games more fun than playing?

Posted by Tom Starks On March - 3 - 2017


It’s hard to believe that people have nothing better to do with their time than to sit around and watch streams of other people playing video games. Yet, millions of people across the world prefer to watch video games than to actually play them. Why? Simply because watching people play video games on streaming sites like DingIt is amazing. Watching video games is certainly more fun than playing. The idea may seem strange, but watching videos of strangers play eSports on the Internet is the closest alternative to playing and buying them. Basically, live streaming the new kind of entertainment. Still not convinced that watching video games is not incredible?

Reasons why watching people playing video games is enjoyable

There are a number of reasons why you should watch streams of other people play video games. In what follows, we will try to identify some of them:

  • Watch the pros play

In the old days, the only option you had was to watch your sibling or cousin play video games. Not only did you not get the controller, but also you had to endure a lot. Nowadays though you have the opportunity to watch people who know what they are doing, in other words pros. Professional streamers are nothing like your relatives. They have character and are thus entertaining.  Most streamers even have a loyal fan base.

  • It’s a community event

A community event is any gathering that brings people together. Watching other people play video games is similar to attending the Super Bowl party. While you can’t communicate with others, some streaming sites don’t have this feature, you do have a sense of belonging. While watching video streams might seem like an anti-social activity, in fact it’s not.

  • You too can become a streamer

Thousands of people daydream about the chance of becoming a professional streamer. Stop fantasising and make it happen. You play eSports all day and there is no reason why you shouldn’t share your experiences with the world. Just as you’ve learned from others, you can teach newbies how it’s done.  

Where you can watch streams right now

There are many game-streaming services, so if you are thinking about embracing the idea of watching video games, you have plenty of choices. Streaming services like DingIt are dedicated to the needs of gamers. What you can watch is smaller eSports events (you have every game and genre you can imagine) and use innovative streaming technology. However, there are other video-hosting platforms on the Internet worth trying.  

What you need to watch video streams

If you want to make a hobby out of watching people play video games, you need a 4k television or display that can process HD content. If you have a television from LG or Sony, you are in luck. You might need though to upgrade your Internet equipment. More precisely, get a modem router that supports 25Mbps and even a bigger downstream connection. Last but not least, consider making an investment in an Apple TV.

Essential ways to find an application developer

Posted by Tom Starks On June - 22 - 2016

Every entrepreneur has been found in the following scenario: you have an idea for an application, but you do not know any developers. If you are facing the same problem, namely if you have a concept for a  mobile game that you would like people to use at the local bar, you have to find someone capable of developing it. The only issue is that skilled developers are hard to get hold of, especially those that share the same vision for your project. In order to find a developer that is right for you, there are a few must-have channels you should use.

Staffing agencies

Working closely with a Toronto Employment Staffing agency can ensure that the developer has the needed skills, education and experience to match the needs of the company. The best recruiters have their finger on the pulse of the market and they clearly know where there is available talent and how to reach out to them. Taking into account that it is difficult to find a good application developer, you should collaborate with an agency that has the potential to leverage the networks in order to connect you with people that have a wide range of skills and experiences. A lot of talent attraction consists in attracting applicants who are not responding to a job advert, which you may not have time to do. So, you should better leave the job to the professionals.

Extended networks

What entrepreneurs tend to do is overlook their personal network of connections. When you start looking for an application developer, you should talk with your friends. Even if the person is not necessarily interested in your project, he may be able to provide you with useful tips that will enable you to follow your vision. The secret to suing your network of personal connections is to let people know what you are trying to achieve and whom you are looking forward to connect to.

Try local universities and colleges

Potential hot spots for developers can be found where you least expect them. Even though the competition for recruiting is fierce, you may be in luck if you live in a university city. The likelihood is that you can find a couple of developers that really stand out. In order to get in touch with these students, you have to talk to the professors. You should contact them directly since professors are constantly looking for way to provide their students real-life experiences. If you work with the best and the brightest, you will ab able to cut costs as well.

Freelance talent

Last but not least, you should consider freelance talent. Great resources for finding solid freelancers are online platforms. Nonetheless, you should only use them in order to get the draft going and not to launch the entire application with them. If your app does enjoy success, you will want to add updates. Thanks to the work of the freelancer, you can attract local developers by showing your engagement to the project.

Depending on the domain you are working, you might consider at a certain point that your business would be more successful if you would create an application to promote your brand. In the modern society, people spend a lot of time online, and usually when they notice that a certain company is providing them an app they could use with less effort, and which meets their requirements, they consider that it is a reliable one, and continue to use its services. This could bring you only benefits, and your profits will slowly start growing, so you should consider collaborating with a firm like When you contact a professional company for creating you an app, you should look for certain features that are essential for an application to achieve success.

It should be readable

You might create an amazing app, but you have to be sure that the users will be able to access it with the help of their device. Therefore, you should collaborate with a professional team to create some content for the users to read, and which is actually readable. You have to consider aspects like font, arrangement and quantity. If the font is too small the users will have to make an effort to read it, and they will find easier to look for another app, than using yours. Also the way it is arranged is very important, because the screens of the smartphones are relatively small, and if you use more than one columns the users will find difficult to scroll through the content.

Promote your brand

When you create this type of app, you should have as purpose to promote your brand, so you should ask the professionals to design one representative for your company, with a dynamic logo, which is unique in the App Store. You should know that when you place it in the App Store it does not have to share similar features with the other ones, because it would not be accepted. There are certain standards every App Store has and your app has to meet them when you place it for download, so you should ask for the company, which provides it, to take a look on the requirements of the App Store you plan to use, to see what features your app should have. You should focus on the design and quality of the app, because these two features are the ones that would decide if it would have success or not.

Working features

Sometimes it does not matter the number of features you are adding to your app, it counts for them to work, so you should test it for some time before releasing it on the market. You should ask your employees test it for a while to see if it work, as you would want. At the end of the testing period you should ask for them to provide you feedback, and according to what they are stating, you should modify it.