What Makes a Good Security Camera?

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 1 - 2015

When going on holiday or weekend, there is a common fear of someone barging into our home. Several years ago, a security system for your home was costly, time-consuming to maintain and could not show results in real time. Fortunately, times have changed. Surveillance cameras have a specific goal during your absences, they allow you to check that there are no intruders at home. These security cameras can also ensure that children are safely home from school. The applications are numerous and are all dedicated to your safety and that of your family when you are not at your home. If you are interested of buying a home security camera system but you do not really know where to start or you need advice, you are at right place. Just follow this guide.

Some things to keep in mind before opting for a security system

  • If you plan to install cameras outdoors make sure they are waterproof, ie they have the IP65 or IP66 specifications.
  • Before you purchase your security camera, you must decide where you will install the cameras: inside or outside? This decision affects the choice of security cameras.
  • If you want to stay alert even during the night, there are two solutions for unlit or poorly lit areas: infrared cameras and day/night cameras. Infrared cameras are ideal in areas with no lighting, they provide you with black and white videos. Infrared LEDs diffuse a light captured only by the camera sensor. No beams are visible to the naked eye. Note: If the light is sufficient, the videos will be in color, but with insufficient light, the camera will film in black and white.
  • For those who want images of very high resolution, IP cameras or HD-SDI are the best choice. Conventional analog cameras also offer very good resolutions at a very attractive price.
  • The CCD sensor of a surveillance camera needs light to capture images. Without lighting, the images will be black. We have a solution available for unlit or poorly lit areas: an infrared camera

Surveillance system for your home

Video surveillance is a process that can be used for different types of needs: on public places, crime prevention, in a company, to monitor a baby or protect the assets of your home.
Just as for remote monitoring, everyone can benefit from video surveillance to his home. This helps to monitor and secure your property when you are absent or away.
Indoor home security camera systems are connected to a screen (monitor) that lets you view the images and save them (depending on the system). They are also equipped with sensors (sound, motion, heat …). The cameras provide an alarm when an anomaly is detected: the alarm rings, which scares away the intruder and alerts the neighborhood. According to the surveillance system selected, the alert may be sent to the owner or other designated person (via phone, SMS, email …).

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