Ways to fix the LCD dead pixels

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 28 - 2011

There could be two types of pixels which wouldn’t fit on your LCD monitor: dead pixels and stuck pixels. Dead pixels are points on your LCD monitor which permanently remains on black and stuck pixels in other colors. Usually there are more chances for fixing a stuck pixel but there are hopes for dead pixels too. It would be preferable to test the LCD monitor for pixel errors after you buy it. The reasons for these dead pixels could be transistor malfunctions or an unequal distribution of liquid in liquid crystal display but sometimes dead pixels on your LCD can be fixed.

There are some methods which pretend that you could fix yourself the dead pixels on the LCD monitor (for example by putting some pressure on the dead pixels with a cloth and a dull object or by “rubbing” the monitor with one of your fingers on the surface with bad pixels) but even safely, there are some programs which help you to fix them.

One of these programs is UD Pixel, a very small program (under 100 KB). You’ll find it on the internet and you can download it zipped (which means you won’t have to install it – you launch the executable file). Killdeadpixel.com promises that a simple GIF picture provided by them solves some dead pixels cases. This picture is an animation which quickly alternates primary colors on each pixel, as a good massage for the monitor.

Another recommended program is Dead Pixel Tester, a free and easy to use tool which can be used as a testing program for the LCD monitors, for checking if there are dead or stuck pixels and even to fix lcd dead pixels. Download the program, open it and then using the Color Selector button choose all the available colors to see if and where are dead pixels. After detecting the bad pixels press Exerciser button and it will appear a window which will quickly change the colors. With the help of the mouse draw this window in the area with dead pixels for 5 minutes. This will usually fix the dead pixels problem from your LCD monitor. It none of these methods works you’ll certainly have to buy another monitor.

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