Using a card printing service – are business cards still relevant?

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 22 - 2017


What better way to introduce yourself to a potential client, than handing them a perfectly looking business card? Well, if a few years ago business cards where an essential marketing tool for almost any business person, nowadays they have started to be left behind. However, those who still want to have a professional advantage in any given situation, still value these publicity tools. Using a service for name card printing Singapore can help your business reach a wider level of success, regardless of the domain of your practice. If you are not convinced that investing money in card printing is worth it, then read the following aspects.


In the business industry, you need to constantly be prepared, because you can never know when a new opportunity arises. Perhaps you are traveling across the country and you meet someone that might be interested in the services you are offering, and having a business card to hand out will give them the possibility of contacting you. Offering potential clients a card with all your contact info, instead of an email or phone number is far more convenient for you, and it also makes you seem professional in front of the other person. Cards allow you to always be prepared, and gain new business.

Making your brand tangible

A business card is not only about sharing contact info with clients, but it contributes to making your brand tangible. The way the card is designed, its texture, weight, font, and look can send a positive message to the person receiving it, aspect that might determine them to look your business up, even if might not be particularly interested in your services. Cards can influence your brand in a positive manner, so you should use them to your advantage.

They will be appreciated

While living in a digital world, people still appreciate old-fashioned marketing methods. Even if you might not have thought about it, clients can see you in an entirely different way if instead of an email you choose to hand out a standard business card. You can even research the topic, or discuss with people who have been managing businesses for a long time, and you will find out more about how relevant these cards can be. Still having your business cards printed does not mean you are not keeping up with the times, it means you are evolving but still value and maintain classic fundamental business principles.  

Considering all of these aspects, perhaps now you understand better why cards are still relevant in the business world. If you want to maintain a positive image for you enterprise, and to always seem professional in front of your clients, then using a printing service to deliver you excellent cards will be necessary. You can easily find a firm that handles these kinds of services just by searching on the web. However, make sure to check a few examples of their work in advance, to make sure the price you are paying is worth it.

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