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Posted by Tom Starks On December - 7 - 2012

While Google and Apple are still working on making Google maps useable on iOS devices, the UpNext company has successfully brought on the market a great iPad maps application, called UpNext HD Maps, which makes use of awesome 3D graphics. It is one of the greatest maps apps for either iPads or Android tablets, covering all fifty states and more than twenty cities in 3D, such as Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Portland. Now this is great tech news, at least for those in the US, who are able to use it to move around the country or find specific locations.

The UpNext HD Maps application comes as an improvement to an older iPad maps app, UpNext 3D Cities, but with a great advantage. The latter, such as many other maps apps, required the user to download the 3D content of each city, whereas UpNext HD Maps simply loads it at demand, not to mention that the graphics are greatly embellished, in terms of both clarity and crispness. The features of this iPad maps application that make it such an useful tool go beyond interactive graphics and rich visual detail, which make it fast and easy to use.

The user also has a local search and discovery feature, which enables him or her to find information on the shopping, nightlife, dinning and other aspects in a certain city. You can actually see the use of a certain building by tapping on it, as well as the reviews on particular venues, such as restaurants to help you choose.

Another neat feature would be the Deal Finder, which shows users the hotels, stores or restaurants that offer special deals. But the offline mode feature is definitely what puts the UpNext HD Maps in the top of the maps apps rankings, as you are able to use the application without having to be connected to a wireless network. As for Google and Apple, we’ll just have to wait for more tech news to see when they get to perfect their products, and how they will fare when compared to the UpNext HD Maps application.

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