TomTom GPS for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On January - 13 - 2012

It took sometime for the TomTom to release their GPS application for iPad, due to the apprehension that there is no market for it, but now that they had, TomTom GPS has been so successful that an update is already on the market. The major difference regards the changed interface. It definitely looks better, with sharper graphics and large buttons, in order for the TomTom GPS for iPad to make your navigation as easy as possible.

The TomTom GPS now for iPad application has many perks and makes any of your travels a lot more facile. While you are driving, the app has the ability to warn you about the upcoming events, in the sense of junctions or exists that you might have to take. A secondary screen appears, which displays the clear image of the exist, so that you don’t miss it for sure. Another neat feature about the TomTom GPS for iPad is that you have access to traffic view. Traffic view is basically a feature that provides you with information about the traffic in your neighborhood or your area, so that you will know when it’s best to leave your house.

Furthermore, if you choose a certain route, traffic view enables you to receive information about what is going on along the entire trail. On TomTom GPS you can zoom in on a particular area or region to get detailed information, such as there being a construction happening on the way, in order for you to plan an alternative route right from the start. TomTom GPS for iPad provides you with all the details and information you need in order to have the most relaxed driving experience, regardless of the traffic conditions or the ones of the roads.

One major advantage of the TomTom GPS application for iPad is that you can now enjoy all of your route and traffic information on a ten inches display, which makes everything so much easier, especially when you are behind the wheel. The same idea stood behind the sharper graphics and large buttons. The TomTom GPS application was designed as to require as little concentration as possible, for the driver to remain focused on the road. Navigation has never been quite so easy and relaxing. The owner of a TomTom GPS app can transfer it up to five different devices, so that several members of your family could enjoy its benefits on their iPhones or iPads.

Check out now, the better, upgraded version of TomTom GPS now for iPad! Enjoy the driving view and the Advanced Lane Guidance at the same time and take advantage of the latest mapping updates!

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