Tips on buying a screen – printing machine

Posted by Tom Starks On October - 23 - 2015


If you just entered in the printing and graphic arts business, you will need a screen-printing machine for a good start. If you offer as main service printed t-shirts, you can save money by buying a t-shirt printing machine. This tool offers you the possibility of printing large quantities of shirts for wholesale or you can print smaller accessories like scarfs for offering them as a present, for the buyers who ask for a large amount of t-shirts. In the process of choosing a custom screen printing you have to take into consideration some tips of buying a screen printing machine.

When you want to purchase this device you have to think that there are three processes when it comes to printing t-shirts: digital printing, screen printing and heat transfer. Every of these processes needs a different device and the digital one is the most expensive. Its high price is because it is easier to use a digital printer, and it lasts longer than the heat transfer imprint. The advantage of a heat transfer print is that it works faster, but if you need a product for the mass production, the screen-printing is the best option for you. Ask your friends to recommend you types of machines, because if you do not have the necessary information about the quality of machines and vendors, you may have later problems with the one you choose to buy. Compare the prices from the stores with the ones from the internet and go for a good reputation vendor. Compare the prices for the same machine and ask the provider what they offer in the price they ask for.

When starting a business in this domain you will need to purchase other things besides the printing machine, to be sure that you proper operate and maintain the machine. So, take into consideration every additional expense of purchasing the machine, like the delivery. The price of a certain machine will be higher than of the others, but you have to search information about the amount of energy this device uses, because energy is one of the extra-costs a buyer does not take into consideration. Take care to buy a device that has a warranty, because if the vendor does not offer you a satisfactory guarantee he is not a reliable one. Before deciding to buy from a certain vendor, you should determine what paying option is best for you. Some vendors offer payment terms over time, for larger machines but others require immediate credit or cash payment. Also before deciding, you should think if you need an automatic or manual press.  If you do not plan to have a big business and just want to start a small clothing line then the manual screen-printing machine is good for your needs. If you want to start a big business but with a small number of employees, you should buy an automatic device that pays for itself because you can do in 2 hours, the work an employee does in a day with a manual machine. Chose the devices that better suits your needs.

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