Three things to keep in mind when buying a print head

Posted by Tom Starks On January - 21 - 2016

Contrary to what people believe the most important part in any printer is the print head, and not the ink, as most of them would have probably thought. Even though most people see them inside their printer, they probably do not know exactly that the print head is the element that makes the printer transform ink into text and image. It is highly important to take great care of this piece and to maintain its good condition for as long as possible. Those who need print head replacement should consider buying a new one, and a good example is the Konica KM1024 LHB 42PL print head.

Choose the right model

Printers might have a long life if maintained in good condition. People should check every now and then their printer in order to make sure it still functions properly. One of the most important pieces that need to be checked is the print head. In case you have a printer with a disposable print head, you should know that this model does not imply great concern. This happens because the print head is a part of the ink cartridge and as soon as you run out of ink, you automatically get a new print head the moment you purchase a new cartridge. In the case of fixed print heads, things slightly change. If you need a print head replacement in this case, make sure you know exactly what type of printer you have, in order to buy the right print head that matches your printer.

Find a good supplier

After deciding that you need to replace your print head, you have to start looking for a supplier. You can do some quick research on the Internet, in case you want to purchase a print head from an online store. This is probably the easiest way to order something, because you do not have to go to a specific store, and you can even order from another country, with only a few clicks. However, in case you want to check the print head before buying it and to ask the supplier more questions, you can go to a physical store in your neighbourhood. In this way, you have no doubt that you buy exactly what you need. In both cases, it is important to make sure the supplier is a professional one and will offer you only the right print head.

The price also matters

When looking for a new print head, make sure you choose one that fits your budget. Some professional print heads can even reach hundreds of dollars. In case you want a regular one, you should only look for what you need. If you need a professional one for your printer instead, then you should look for one that matches your needs.

Overall,           these are only a few aspects that people have to keep in mind when looking for a new print head. Whether their printer is based on a fixed print head, or on a disposable one, they should make sure they choose the right print head.


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