The Best Smartphone for Business

Posted by Tom Starks On October - 9 - 2013

People who have businesses need to constantly make sure that everything is going according to their plans, and they must have access to information permanently in order to take decisions and make certain choices. If you find yourself in the same situation and you want to find a way to keep in touch with your work even when you are not at the office, we recommend you to consider using the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone that can help you manage certain situations from long distances.

The BlackBerry® Browser function that the smartphone integrates allows you to access the Internet on an amazing 5” screen. So, you can search for any type of content you want, such as images, videos, and you can even opt for online reading, thanks to the Reader mode option that gives you the possibility to remove pages with the touch of a single button.

Effective smartphone applications

The best advantage that you can get by using the BlackBerry Z30 is that you can enjoy the Blackberry Messenger app, which allows you to send large messages, start group chats and share content such as images and videos. BBM is one of the best methods that you can use to connect with your business partners for free, as it gives you the possibility to talk while you type, and also to show and talk instead of just telling.

Another great app that you can use to ensure that you have access to important information is the Documents To Go™ app. The InTact Technology that it features allows you to read and edit Excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, which is essential if you want to deliver or receive important reports. You won’t have to worry about the battery life, because the BlackBerry Z30 can last up to 25 hours between charges, so you can be confident that you won’t encounter any problems. Furthermore, you can even use this smartphone to turn a regular presentation into a great one by connecting it to a screen with an HDMI cable. Still, if you want to make a bigger impact, we recommend you to opt for streaming your demonstration wirelessly with the Miracast option. That way everyone will be able to see that you are a very determined person who would do anything for success.

How to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life?

The BlackBerry Balance technology helps you separate your work from your personal life by creating two different profiles. That way you can use one profile to keep essential information secure, and the other one for personal use. So, keeping work and personal life balanced has never been easier. Still, there is another method that you can use to achieve your goal. Choosing to install BBM for PC gives you the chance to read and edit important documents in a more convenient and safer way. Based on the fact that nobody can have access to your computer or laptop, you won’t have to worry about any information loss.

So, if you want to install BBM for PC all you need to do is follow some simple steps that will help you get the app in just a few minutes. We guarantee you that you will discover many advantages that you didn’t even know about before. Moreover, you will get all your work done easier and faster.

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