Software updates on unlocked iPhones

Posted by Tom Starks On August - 26 - 2014

The iPhone is definitely one of the most covered gadgets of the year, but many Apple fans have to make some sacrifices to get their hands on it before a newer and better generation comes out. Few people can afford a factory unlocked iPhone – in fact, before the iPhone 4S, all iPhones were locked, without exception, on AT&T. To buy the state of the art smartphone at somewhat more reasonable prices, the most common option is to buy a factory locked device and, if you are not happy with the mobile carrier, unlock it. Things are quite straightforward with Nokia and Android phones, but iPhones are more complicated in terms of software. The unlock process is simple and, if you work with a professional provider, you can finish the process in as little as a few hours. However, not every time is perfect for unlocking your phone, especially if you like making software updates.

iPhone users enjoy the benefits of installing software updates easily and for free. However, this feature is harder to use on unlocked phones. Apple has a stricter policy for users who unlock their phones and do not offer any warranty for these devices. This means that you have to be very careful when you unlock iPhone, because if something goes wrong you cannot turn to the official tech support for help. If you have unlocked the iPhone, regardless of its generation, and then you do an iOS update, the unlock is removed and you have to go through the process all over again. If you paid for the unlock code, this means you have to buy another one. Therefore, it’s advisable not to attempt unlocking your iPhone before a new version of iOS is about to come out. This isn’t difficult to find out, as Apple usually announces official releases months in advance.

In addition, you shouldn’t rush to unlock the phone as soon as you install the update and wait for a few months until the software for phone unlock is perfected. Developers start working on such solutions as soon as they can, but the process still takes time and it is not advisable to unlock your phone using unstable and untested solutions. Even though unlocking iPhones is somewhat more complicated than unlocking other phones, that doesn’t mean you are not free to try this, because you can get many benefits. The most common reason why users decide to do is because they dislike being restricted to only one carrier and because they want to pay less when they make roaming calls. Being able to switch SIM cards is definitely a reason to remove the lock and those who have already done this say that they enjoy their phones more.

All in all, unlocking an iPhone is easy, but you have to be aware of the Apple policies and the way software updates cancel the unlock. Also, remember that you should always work with a professional company, just so you don’t risk phone brick, which is a difficult problem to solve.

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