Shared Paper Lite

Posted by Tom Starks On September - 17 - 2012

The entire idea around iPad was to have a level of flexibility and mobility that even a laptop can’t provide. Well, the Shared Paper App takes flexibility to a whole new level by turning your iPad into an ultimate visual communication tool. The Shared Paper Lite makes the application available for free, enabling people to check out its perks and benefits with just a few, minor restrictions, such as exporting or importing paper via iTunes or email, or collaboration between iPads. But the concept of Shared Paper Lite is still brilliant, allowing people to see and share their ideas, wherever they are. This application is a new technology software that brings out the full potential of an iPad.

If you ever find yourself having a great idea on the spot and just need to sketch it down quickly or draw it entirely, the iPad application Shared Paper Lite is just what you need. You iPad will turn into a virtual whiteboard, where you can not only share your ideas, but also see the thoughts of other iPad users.

And the options are numerous, according to your needs or the circumstances. For instance, you can choose to sketch freely and make use of the automatic shape recognition, or to use the grid in order to draw with more precision.

Even if the Shared Paper Lite implies a limited number of papers or elements that can be designed and created, there is plenty of room for you to use or imagination or to get things done. You have the chance to edit and present your work, just as provided in the full version, so basically it is a good first step into getting used to its functionality and options. No doubt, this app will be the foundation for a more complex new technology which will allow the users to express and share their thought as vividly and as interactive as possible.

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