Questions to ask yourself before going for an app maker

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 18 - 2017


The market is plentiful in apps nowadays. Google Play and AppStore are two of the largest app providers in the world, with billions of apps available both for sale and for free use. However, no matter how high the competition may be in this domain, there is still room for every small fish in the pond. Yet, if you are interested in launching an app, it is essential you come up with something new, something that will make people press the download button immediately. If you need some help in creating the app, an app builder such as Siberian can help you understand better the points you need to focus more on, but before you resort to a specific builder, you should ask yourself these questions first.

Do I really need an app builder or should I just create the app myself?

First things first, you have to know that in order to create an app you must have some coding background. There are certain things you need to pay attention to when creating an app and writing the coding as great as you can should be your top priority. If you do not have vast knowledge in coding, but you still want to build an app, it is recommended you opt for the best app maker on the market. It is worth mentioning that these app makers are not only for those who have little to no background in coding, but also for those who are professional coders and have several years of experience in the field, yet need something to freshen up their skills and knowledge.

How do I choose the right app maker?

The variety of app builders is extremely large. Before you select a specific one, you have to think at the type of app you want to build. For instance, you can have a native app, where the focus is mostly placed on the UX, a web app or a hybrid app, and the latter two are characterised by cross-platform flexibility. There are advantages and disadvantages of both options, so make sure you are aware of them all and you make the right choice to suit your needs.

How much should I spend?

Considering the wide range of app makers that can be found on the online market today, it can be quite difficult to make a choice. One criterion many people resort to when it comes to this is the price they would have to pay for using an app maker. While there are apps that are completely free, there are other app builders, which come with more advanced settings and features, and for which you will have to pay a yearly subscription in order to be able to use them to the fullest.

What other features of an app maker should I consider?

Last but not least, know that app makers differ a lot not only in terms of price, but also when it comes to the features and characteristics they provide. When choosing an app builder, you have to take into account the graphic design support it offers, what integrations, add-ons and plugins are available and how easy to use the app builder is.


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