Popular trends in terms of eCommerce web design

Posted by Tom Starks On August - 5 - 2016

Modern devices have taken over the world of technology in the past years. If you are still doubting this, you should know that recent studies have shown that more than half of the total amount of internet traffic happening at the moment is made by the means of mobile gadgets. As a consequence, it seems that e-commerce is also blooming, so online stores should definitely think about adapting their web sites. Shopping online is extremely convenient, as it is way easier to stay in front of your computer, browse among a wide diversity of products, pick what you like and then wait for the products to be delivered to your door. For this reason, site owners should do their best to improve their customers’ experience and provide them with a comprehensive, user friendly platform they can browse easily. Given these conditions, smart eCommerce website design solutions are becoming mandatory so the industry has become quite dynamic lately. Here are some of the most popular trends you should know about:

Implementing responsive web design

Since more and more people own smart phones, tablets and laptops, creating responsive web design for online stores has become a general rule. If you want to increase sales, then you must have a platform that can be easily accessed from any type of device, regardless its dimensions or features. While the use of small mobile gadgets is no longer a secret, it is also important to adjust the page in order for it to match larger screens as well (desktop computers and smart TVs). This will bring your eCommerce site more flexibility and bigger visual impact, which leads to more clients and profits.


Larger images

The better people see what you offer, the faster they will find out whether they need those products or not – and normally, they do. This means that larger highly qualitative images can be a subtle way of “pushing” customers to actually order, once they have browsed the entire list of items. The main goal of eCommerce pages is to sell, and this is an amazing tip not everybody knows. Make sure you stress on the products you have for sale, on promotion or in the newest collections and you will see how people will buy more of these. Implement this simple strategy and it will become your “wow” element, compared with your competitors. You may also need to hire a graphic designer, but this will definitely be worth it.


Flexible typography

In addition to large pictures, another thing that will go hand in hand with responsive web design is large, flexible typography. Of course that the product per-se is what matters when customers decide what to buy, but its description is also important. Try to use catchy and striking phrases, expressions or words, because these will get visitors’ attention and will make the want to purchase. Big and bold fonts are the ideal choice if you want to engage customers and add an edgy style to your web design.

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