Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store

Posted by Tom Starks On September - 25 - 2013

Great news for the iPad owner games passionate – the Plopp HD iPad app hits the App Store! It is a delightful application, very easy to use and extremely entertaining for when you just need to relax and have some time to kill. The iPad version is so much better than the iPhone one, as you have a bigger screen to play on, which makes it easier to follow the ploppers. The HD graphics and the clean interface help you enjoy a more natural design and there is also a help menu that provides you with instructions of how to play the game, although the principle is pretty basic.

The main menu gives you gives several other options, besides the help pane. When you enter the Plopp HD app, you can choose to start the game, view the high scores, go to shop or review the options. The shop menu takes you to the App Store where you can buy credits for the game. In the options menu you can adjust the music and sound volume, change tracks and switch between backgrounds. When you hit the start menu, the Plopp HD provides you with several different modes: twenty plopps, survival, normal or time mode. You can go for any of them, as they are not related and you don’t need to complete one in order to get access to another.

The Plopp HD iPad App is a quest based game and you can either do the quest or you can skip it by using your credits. The credits are available in the shop section via App Store. The basic idea of the game is simple: colored circles, called ploppers, will appear on the screen and will get bigger and bigger. You have to tap on them in order to collect the points. The trick is that the bigger they get, the more points they worth, but if they grow too big, there are higher chances to hit each other, which will take one life. In the normal mode, you start with ten lives. So, you might want to let them get closer for more points, but pay attention to the ones around.

The time mode gives you a specific task, such as “Get a hundred white ploppers”, and a fixed amount of time to complete it. The survival mode requires you to survive for thirty seconds without loosing any life, so this is a mode in which you don’t want to wait for the ploppers to get big. All in all, Plopp HD is a pretty fun game and it can become more addictive than you think! So if you’re interested in finding similar apps of games for your mobile devices, check out and you’ll be able to turn your iPad into a great entertainment console. You will find reviews and articles presenting all the hottest news in media, and definitely find use in many of them.

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