OrganiDoc HD for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On January - 17 - 2012

If you are looking for a top notch file manager or a killer mobile flash drive, check out the newest version of OrganiDoc HD for iPad. The OrganiDoc HD is one of the few iPad applications that allows you to access all of your saved files. You can use the OrganiDoc HD for iPad to gain access to various types of files, such as Microsoft Office files, web or text files. And this means that you can as well save any kind of file, whether it is PDF, doc or even a zipped file. The application allows you to design various presentations, which can be rendered with AirPlay on an external screen. The documents or the presentation can also be easily printed with AirPrint.

There are many other neat aspects of OrganiDoc HD, such as an audio and video file converter that makes your tunes and videos playable with the iPad, regardless of their extension. The application’s interface encompasses a tool bar which has three folders – doc, photo and media – in order for you to gain easy access to your files. The OrganiDoc HD for iPad truly is an amazing file manager as well as a media organizer. It can take files out of your email or it can upload them to mails. OrganiDoc HD makes the file transfer between you and your friends a child’s play.

The application enables you to link your files to Google docs or any other cloud storage services, such as MobileMe iDisk or Through OrganiDoc HD for iPad you may very well export files to iTunes, thus sharing everything you have on your iPad with your computer. It is a perfectly viable alternative to flash drives, the transfer of files between iPad and computer being greatly eased. You can also protect your files by using a password, in order to increase the level of security on your documents or media. You can change the password very easy, as well as you can change the name of the any file or other characteristics. The information about your files is one tap away with the OrganiDoc HD for iPad and the application displays everything you might want to know, such as size, type or date of creation.

With OrganiDoc HD you can open the files in any other application from the iPad and go through it without any difficulty. It allows you to zoom in or out on different parts of the file, advanced to a certain page or send it to the protected file area. You can AirPrint it from the application or upload it to cloud storage, at which point OrganiDoc HD will display all the accounts that you are synced with. It is a highly efficient tool for managing all your files and transfer them conveniently from one gadget to another.

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