OnLive iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On July - 18 - 2012

The market of iPad applications is filled with a variety of products, some in the entertainment area and some extremely useful for business and working. The OnLive iPad App is definitely among the latter category, being an application that allows the users to view and use all of the Windows 7 applications on your iOS devices, more specifically on the iPad. The application is free of charge and you can simply download it from the App Store.

The OnLive iPad app uses cloud storage and has 2 GB space, but what is truly neat is that it allows easy access to a Windows 7 desktop. This cloud-based connection enables the user to access applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as several touch-based games just to make things more fun and pleasant. As far as the interface goes, the OnLive app is pretty amazing, making use of a full on-screen Windows keyboard for control, recognition of the handwriting, as well as of iPad-like gestures, such as pinching or flicking for zoom, respectively scroll.

This great app also comes with superior levels, such as Pro or Enterprise, where you can expect group chat, live spectating or multi-user control. The OnLive Desktop Pro enjoys more cloud storage space, 50 GB as opposed to the 2 GB of the regular app, priority access as well as many other features, the OnLive Desktop however, comes with a ten dollar fee per month. The Enterprise design, as suggested by the name, is perfect for large infrastructures and the price depends on the features included and on the designated intent.

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