Noisepad iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 15 - 2012

Noisepad iPad app is a synthesizer application that allows you to add different and various sound effects to live shows. It has quite a potential, with its simple touch controls and great processor, which make the Noisepad an original sound board for the iPad. The very first thing that sets the Noisepad apart from the other iPad music tools is that it provides the user with a mixing boards and pads, as opposed to the other applications, which present full, digital synthesizer.

The Noisepad iPad app comes with several default samples, which are pre-recorded portions of music and the user can trigger them in order to compose original combinations.

But, while the option of mixing boards is one of the first noticeable differences, it is nothing of great magnitude. The feature that sets the Noisepad iPad app over the top is the freedom users have to upload their own music and combine it with the default sounds from the application. Now, if you have some experience with mixing and mastering audio pieces, you may not think this is so great, but rather a normal advantage, but for the rookies in the field, playback control will make Noisepad a real treat.

The Noisepad iPad app has a timer function, which users can profit by to select a speed, and amazing mixing controls. The application has a cut-off, a pitch control, crush functions and a delay effect, all of which speak to the intent of the app, that of the live rig.

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