Mistakes to avoid when writing SEO articles

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 23 - 2016

Many people claim that writing SEO content is one of the easiest tasks to do, since it only implies inserting some keywords in a 200-word article and upload it on the internet. However, people who actually work in this industry know that this is not what writing SEO articles imply. SEO marketing agencies that have vast experience in this industry, as it is the case of http://www.jenkinsonassoc.co.uk/, pay great attention to details and know exactly what mistakes to avoid in order to have those perfectly written SEO articles.

Grammar mistakes

One of the most important things to take into account when writing articles or blogs is to pay great attention to potential grammar mistakes. It is highly recommended to read the article again right after it was finished, because it might happen for the writer to have missed some grammar mistakes while staying too focused on the content of the article. You would not want to upload an article on the internet and then receive comments from your readers that you have misspelled a certain word or have forgotten to add an “s” for instance.

Improper keyword research

Before starting writing an SEO article, it is mandatory to make a keyword research. Search Engine Optimization Marketing is based on writing articles and blogs that have certain keywords included, which people would search for when accessing one of the search engines on the internet, such as Google. Whether it is a single word, or a phrase, it must be something people would look for on search engines. One of the easiest ways to establish which keywords are suitable for specific articles is to search for them on the Google AdWords platform.

Writing short articles

It has been proved that Google tends to give preference to those articles that are “in-depth” written, which means that have more than 1500 words. It is not recommended to stick to 100-word or 200-word articles, since even though all the necessary information regarding a certain subject can be said in 100 or 200 words, it will not be useful to you, because Google will not rank your article as high in the search engine results pages as necessary for readers to see your article. Articles that have at least 500 words are a better choice.

Wandering off the point

When writing SEO articles, it is important to stick to the subject and not wander off the point. People want to read an article on the internet because they want to find detailed information about specific things. If you give your article a title and you talk about totally different things in the article, there are high chances other people never to want to access the website where your article is posted anymore. Make sure you stick to the subject and write things people will be interested in reading.

As you can see, these are some important mistakes you should avoid the moment you start writing SEO blogs and articles if you want to have numerous readers and to benefit from the best results.

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