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Posted by Tom Starks On March - 8 - 2016

The modern society is obsessed with high-tech devices, and many companies are trying to bring something new on the market daily, for meeting the people’s requirements. Everyone is aware that people were passionate of treasure hunting from the oldest times, and because this hobby never disappeared technology providers developed a gadget, the metal detector – that helps people discover more easily the things they are looking for. If you want to find more details about the latest metal detectors, you can read the reviews provided by

What is a metal detector?

A metal detector is a portable device, which functions on batteries and it is able to locate objects below the surface of water or ground. The batteries help it create a penetrating magnetic field that magnetizes the metal objects found in the ground or water, and the user will be noticed by a sound alert that there is a metal object close to him. At the beginning, metal detectors were used only on industry, but nowadays treasure hunters who want to find items like coins and jewelry in public places also use them. They can be used in parks, backyards, on the beach, or in any other place where people might have lost valuable items.

What components features a metal detector?

A metal detector designed for being used by people in their free time, is made of a handle or brace for being hold by the user, a battery case and an electronic box. An insulated wire, which comes from the box, is wrapped around the shaft, connects all these components and it extends into a round disk called the “coil”. The user is able to hold the device parallel with the ground thanks to the plastic cover of the disk. The process of discovering metal objects is quite simple, because the user only has to sweep the coil slowly above the ground, and when he is close to something the metal detector will emit a sound, which becomes stronger as the user gets closer to the item.

Understanding the technology behind a metal detector

Depending on the manufacturer, metal detectors might have different features, but all of them are made according to the same technology. They feature a coil technology, which is the most important component of this device, because due to it, it is able to detect the metals hidden under water or in the ground. This equipment sends a magnetic field below the surface of water or ground and magnetizes the metal items. This process makes them detectable to the receiver. Depending on the purpose of the device, there are two types of technology used in detector coils, one especially designed for use in the water and one for both uses. In addition, developers try to create devices, which offer performance for their users, so they designed the metal detectors to function in different modes. They have an all-metal mode, when they are able to detect all the metals, and a full-discrimination mode that rejects the trash automatically, and focuses on finding only the wanted metals.

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