Is watching video games more fun than playing?

Posted by Tom Starks On March - 3 - 2017


It’s hard to believe that people have nothing better to do with their time than to sit around and watch streams of other people playing video games. Yet, millions of people across the world prefer to watch video games than to actually play them. Why? Simply because watching people play video games on streaming sites like DingIt is amazing. Watching video games is certainly more fun than playing. The idea may seem strange, but watching videos of strangers play eSports on the Internet is the closest alternative to playing and buying them. Basically, live streaming the new kind of entertainment. Still not convinced that watching video games is not incredible?

Reasons why watching people playing video games is enjoyable

There are a number of reasons why you should watch streams of other people play video games. In what follows, we will try to identify some of them:

  • Watch the pros play

In the old days, the only option you had was to watch your sibling or cousin play video games. Not only did you not get the controller, but also you had to endure a lot. Nowadays though you have the opportunity to watch people who know what they are doing, in other words pros. Professional streamers are nothing like your relatives. They have character and are thus entertaining.  Most streamers even have a loyal fan base.

  • It’s a community event

A community event is any gathering that brings people together. Watching other people play video games is similar to attending the Super Bowl party. While you can’t communicate with others, some streaming sites don’t have this feature, you do have a sense of belonging. While watching video streams might seem like an anti-social activity, in fact it’s not.

  • You too can become a streamer

Thousands of people daydream about the chance of becoming a professional streamer. Stop fantasising and make it happen. You play eSports all day and there is no reason why you shouldn’t share your experiences with the world. Just as you’ve learned from others, you can teach newbies how it’s done.  

Where you can watch streams right now

There are many game-streaming services, so if you are thinking about embracing the idea of watching video games, you have plenty of choices. Streaming services like DingIt are dedicated to the needs of gamers. What you can watch is smaller eSports events (you have every game and genre you can imagine) and use innovative streaming technology. However, there are other video-hosting platforms on the Internet worth trying.  

What you need to watch video streams

If you want to make a hobby out of watching people play video games, you need a 4k television or display that can process HD content. If you have a television from LG or Sony, you are in luck. You might need though to upgrade your Internet equipment. More precisely, get a modem router that supports 25Mbps and even a bigger downstream connection. Last but not least, consider making an investment in an Apple TV.

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