iPad 3 Release Date

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 8 - 2012

Being in the news for a long while the iPad 3 Release Date makes rumors. The latest rumor is from a Japanese website that is dealing with Apple, Macotakara, and they say that iPad 3 will be released in an early February or in an early March by the Apple and that I think will make a lot of people happy.

Building on the iPad 2 this new tablet, iPad 3, is a top product. The most important update at the iPad 3 is the display. First time the Apple developers announced that they were thinking at a dula-LED design for make it thicker than iPad 2. Later they said that they have achieved a work at the display and with the dual-LED backlights the display will go on higher values at the resolution. After the iPhone 4S had a great success with the retina display I think that this display will go on iPad 3 too and that will mean that it will give us an amazing high-definition on iPad 3.

On the iPad 3 could appear thinks like Siri that also is very popular on the iPhone 4S. If Siri will come on iPad 3 that will mean that this device will have the lates iOS and if the current 5.1 iOS that is beta will be launched before the iPad 3 that will mean that iPad 3 surely will have it.

Finally I think that iPad 3 release date is going to be on March. The Ipad 3 specifications and release date are the most famous things that are from the highest speculated things.

iPad 3 Features & Specs Expectation

Retina Display: The retina display was expected on the iPad 2 and as you know it iPad 2 has the same display at iPad 1 and that really disappointed the fans. Now everybody has great expectations from iPad 3 and one of them is the retina display

SD Card Slot:Another feature that everybody want on the iPad 3 is the SD card slot. Let’s hope that the developers from Apple will make us happy and introduce a SD card slot at the third generation on iPad.

Improved HDMI:I know that iPad 2 also supports HDMI playback but for this you were obligated to buy the Apple digital AV adapter and that was like $39. I think that what everybody wants is a HDMI port on the iPad 3 so we can get rid of the additional cable.

Camera Flash: This think was expected on the iPad 2 too but hopefully we see it at the iPad 3.

Thunderbolt: Another feature that iPad 3 may have it is the Thunderbolt port that will offer us video, power and data connectivity at the speed of light.

Wireless Synchronize: Another expectation is that the wireless sync of content and the traditional wired connectivity to be forgotten.

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