How to remove a Trojan Virus

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 23 - 2011

When talking about computers, it is not a conversation on the topic if not involving in the discussion the major problem computers have – viruses. As in all cases, when a useful thing has been invented, in this case the computer, it was also created an innovating program to break it down, such an antidote for a snake’s venom. Going back to the line, viruses come in various forms and effects. The most common is the Trojan Virus, which can trick any computer user when opening mails or downloading a specific program. In order to learn how to remove a Trojan Virus from your computer, it is required to know what such a hazard is and what effects it has.

It is little probability of not interfering at least once with a Trojan Virus as being a person who uses the computer every day, so it imperative to understand how we can remove the virus. First of all, remember what anti-virus you have installed when you got the computer. Next, open it and wait for its appearance on the screen and go to the “Disk View”. Here, select the “Scan/Repair” diagram for the antivirus to detect and delete the virus. The last thing you need to do as a Mac user is to restart your computer in order to get it fresh, as new.

Now, if you are a Windows user the process is a little more complicated. Here is a scheme of what do you have to click to remote any virus from your computer: Start → my computer → Proprieties → Turn Off System Restore → Apply → Yes → OK. Also, install any new updates on virus definitions by downloading from the specify website of the anti-virus you use, in order to keep your computer aware from any new virus formula. After this step, scan your computer periodically to prevent and in case it is needed, to detect and trash any virus that has been received in your computer. Most Trojan Viruses have been detected for ages in the “C:\” hard drive. Then, go to: Start → Run → type “regedit” and click OK. Follow the virus’ location and delete the entry registry. Next, exit it and restart your computer to be ensured for the total beneficial effect it has had. If followed step by step this process, there would be a hundred per cent chances to not interfere any more with ant Trojan Virus.

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