How to raise companies’ interest when being a freelancer

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 28 - 2015

Freelancers have to be very proactive, because this is the only way of getting a job. They have no time to relax, because they have always work to do, and if they do not have an actual job, they should be busy in working at their advertising strategy. The persons that want to have a career in freelancing should work hard to get their name on everyone’s lips. The first step is to post their services on a reputable site like, because companies want to find reliable clients, and this type of platforms gives them security. There are some tips you should follow if you want to make someone interested in your application.

Submit a post to a reliable site

This is the main step you should follow in trying to build your career as a freelancer. Posting your offer, will help you to get your name in the front of some companies that might be interested in working with you. You should know that big clients can be found only on big sites, so do not waste your time in trying to apply with the help of a site that has a few viewers. Big sites give you the possibility to work not only with clients from your city, but also with ones from other town, or even country. You will find difficult to find clients at first on a big platform, but when you will find them, you can be sure, than it had worth the wait. These sites will push your post many months on social media, so you might get a job when you forget that you applied for a certain job.

Talk with past and potential clients

You might think it is quite uncomfortable to talk with past clients once you finished a project, but many companies do not keep a track of the people they are working with on small periods. Therefore, you might get a job from a company with which you have been worked before. If you successfully finished some projects, you can offer your services again, because they might need you, and they do not even realize this. Also, you should connect with some potential clients, because it is a wise way to promote your services. When companies get this type of offer, they are usually sending back an email to ask for more information. It might get you some time to find perfect potential clients, but once you raised their interest, you can be sure, than they will contact you as soon as they need you. You should promote some pieces from your portfolio when you send them emails with your services, because they will get interested if they see that you managed to help someone that works in the same domain as they do. You should send potential clients a few emails, and just wait, because they will generate a lot of interest in your services. Follow these simple steps and you will definitely manage to have a great career in this domain.

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