How to choose the right domain name

Posted by Tom Starks On July - 12 - 2017


If you want to create a website, then one decision you will have to live with for many years is the domain name of the web page. You may have some ideas, but you do not know which one of them is the right one to register. Does any one of the names from your list resonate with the content of the page? What mistakes should you avoid? Well, you should know that the process of choosing a domain name is similar to the one of choosing the name for your company. You will have to consider multiple aspects and to think a lot. Through your domain name, you create an identity for your company on the web, so you should not hurry to choose one, until you are not sure that it fits your business. It should resonate with your company and you should not have difficulties in promoting it. If you do not know what factors influence this choice, you should check the guide offered by Com Web Hosting.

The domain name should be brandable

This means that when someone sees or hears the name of your domain, they consider it representative for your brand. You should not include in the name numbers and hyphens, because it will not sound as a brand adress. These signs sound strange and generic and they do not help you promote your business. Think at the specific of your website, if you want to sell bread, you should not use for example, because it will be hard to say and remember. You can use for example, because it is unique and people will definitely remember it. An amazing option would be because it is memorable and it has a scientific connotation.

Make sure people can pronounce it

The majority of people do not consider this factor important, because they think that the visitors will simple type the address or they will be clicking on it. But it is important the name of the domain to be simple to be pronounced, because of “processing fluency”. It is know that people remember easier the names they have no difficulties to pronounce. According to the region and language you target, you should consider this aspect.

Choose a short name

The length of the name influences the processing fluency. The fewer characters the domain name has, the easier the users will find it to share, type and say. Also, you can be sure in this way that the social media sharing platforms will not shorten it.

Use broad keywords

Keywords are affective when choosing the domain name, because it can help you from the SEO perspective. You can choose a keyword for your domain name that will make it obvious for people what the web page is about. But it is advisable to talk with a specialist in this case, because some keywords have negative associations and you would want to avoid them. Think of websites like, they do not include a keyword, but they are well-branded.

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