How is ecommerce web development different?

Posted by Tom Starks On August - 22 - 2016

In the past years, ecommerce has developed a lot and thus it managed to gain a huge number of supporters. From connecting a domestic TV to a real time transaction processing computer, to scrolling on the mobile phone and ordering goods and services, things have come a long way. For this reason, many brick and mortar businesses have launched online services aimed to offer customers a better experience and more means of interaction. Of course, this is not possible without a professional web site, a platform that is user friendly and enables people to have easy access to any good they may be interested in. As a consequence, the evolution of online shopping has not influenced only trading, but also web development. A recent study has shown that a great percentage of users leave a site if it does not provide them with a quality experience, and for ecommerce, this definitely means a considerable financial loss. Therefore, experts need to adjust their work to answer the needs of those who want to buy products online, by the means of a virtual platform.

The features of a good ecommerce web site

There are many elements that can make a web site great, but when it comes to iCommerce, a professional web page needs to comply with various requirements. The first and most important rule of web development for ecommerce platforms is that it needs to be user friendly. People prefer buying online because of convenience, so nobody wants to spend too much time analysing each button and section. This means that a clear layout and minimalist design should always be the first choice. The design should be smartly done, so that it will streamline navigation and thus guide customers to the products you want to promote and sell. Clever arrangement, large and qualitative images and pop up offers could also help. Choose an intuitive template without too many buttons and details, because these will distract potential buyers. In addition to this, keep in mind that the page should stress on image less than text. It does not have to consist in too much content, but the text you do use has to be relevant. SEO optimization is also mandatory, but this does not go under the umbrella of web design.

Collaborating with a specialised company

If your company is a business that specialises in online trading, then you will have to invest in a great web site. This means hiring a team of web developers who can build, maintain and optimise the platform, so that you can always keep up with your customers’ demands. When it comes to developing or redesigning an iCommerce site, you have to make sure your partner is an experienced and dedicated entity. Experience is quite valuable in this situation, because this is how you make sure you will get professional and qualitative services. You have to choose a firm that pays attention to your needs and requirements, offers a wide range of operations and charges fair prices.


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