Posted by Tom Starks On October - 25 - 2011

In order to make a comparison, it is needed two components. This article talks about HDD and SDD, which need to be known by the both parts.

The hard disk drive (HDD) is the most important part from a computer that can store digital information consisting of one or more platters that usually rotate at high speed. The information is accessed from the platters using some read-write heads mounted on an arm that swings on a spindle. All these components are being protected by a casing which stores them all.

The Solid-state drive (SDD) is a component part of a computer that is used to store all the information. These components are usually used to make the micro-chips, and the information is stored in “non-volatile memory chips”, even if not being supplied with electricity.

Now, after meeting the two adversaries, the battle can begin. The first subject we are debating on is the Spin-up time which at HDD can take several seconds despite the immediately spin-up time which SDD can provide. At HDD, the random access time varies between 5 and 10 ms; talking about the same topic, the random access time at SDD has approximately 0.1 ms. So far, the SDD goes on the first place. The read latency time is in general high at HDD, but at SDD it is low. This fact provides the HDD to go back in the front place, but the battle is not finished yet. The next topic is the consistent read performance; HDD needs a different time for response, but the SDD is not influenced by any of this impediments. The file fragmentation impact is again, not influenced when using a SDD.

The HDD needs to get a periodical defragmentation; contrarily, the SDD does not benefit of defragmentation because every single process has a bad effect for the computer. Another point for SDD is the total power consumption which consumes less than the 18 Watt accorded to the HDD. Going down to the most controversial topic, the price has started a lot of debates – in October 2010, the price for HDD is: 0, 10$ for 1GB whereas for SDD 1GB is 2$.

Now, the winner is known just by you. We have already made a decision, but what about you? It is hard, though, to say which the best is, because both of them have all the components but one or another has better proprieties.

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