Hair salon apps – how to find the right one

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 25 - 2015

The world today is ruled by technology and it has invaded virtually every aspect of our lives, from the way we communicate and stay informed to the way we operate our daily activities and even find products and services. Due to the technological advancements, there are now many applications and software for virtually anything we need, especially as far as businesses are concerned, enabling them to operate more effectively and even more profitably. The hair salon app is a great example of such software, as it has come to help salon managers and stylists bring their business up to date with the era of technology, greatly facilitating the overall operations of a salon. In fact, the software has been so popular and well received that numerous salons started using it and many developers began designing and developing such apps, so there are now plenty of possibilities for salon managers and stylists when it comes to investing in such software.

Many salon managers are in fact stylists who have started up their own business and not that many of them are IT buffs, so when it comes to choosing the right hair salon app, many people face a real difficulty. Nonetheless, there are a couple of steps that one could follow in order to make sure that the investment goes the right way and the first one is carefully assessing your needs. Some software are more advanced than others and some apps are more intricate and come with more and various features, while others are more straight forward and simple. As a salon manager, one needs to assess the level of business operations and don’t invest in a too intricate software if it isn’t necessary to do so. Moreover, ease of use is a must, regardless of how advanced the app is, because all the stylists working in a salon should be able to use it with ease and confidence, so that’s another factor to take into account. Taking into consideration these two factors will help you narrow down your choices and even make a short list of the best suitable options.


When you’ve got your short list together, you basically have to look at the features that each hair salon app offers and choose the one that best fits your daily operations and needs. In order for the software to be truly functional and worth the investment, it needs to at least provide you with three basic features: scheduling, client management and stock management. The scheduling feature refers obviously to facilitating your booking process, giving you the option of sending automatic reminders and confirmation request to your clients as to reduce the number of no shows. The client management feature should enable you to create profiles of your regular clients and always be up to date with their previous services and preferences, while the stock management feature should help you more easily and efficiently manage stock levels.

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