FAQs on live streaming platforms – things you should know

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 4 - 2017


If are a movie aficionado, chances are you have heard about live streaming platforms at least once in your life. It is worth mentioning that besides movies, these platforms can be used to watch various TV channels, including sports ones. Thus, if you want to watch your favourite football or cricket team playing, all you have to do is to access one of these platforms, such as the Sony IPL t20 2017 online streaming one. Yet, there are still many people who do not know much about these live streaming sites, so here are the most frequently asked questions on this subject to help them make a clearer idea.

Do live streaming sites actually substitute TV cable services?

One of the main questions people have on live streaming apps is why to have them after all when there is TV cable. Well, know that in the past years, more and more people have resorted to live streaming instead of TV cable services and those who did so claim it was their best decision. Online platforms are more flexible compared to TV cable services, because the former ones provide users with a lot more options when it comes to channels options.

Is it true they cost a fortune?

Many people do not want to switch to live streaming websites because they are of the opinion that it is more expensive than paying a monthly fee on TV cable services, but they couldn’t be any further from the truth. In reality, you do not have to pay anything for using live streaming online platforms. However, there are certain sites that require users to pay a certain monthly fee in order to have access to all site’s features, but the fee is significantly lower compared to the one for TV cable services. As a result, live streaming is not only more flexible compared to TV cable, but also more affordable.

Where can I have access to live streaming?

With TV cable, you are restricted to watch your favourite sports channel from your living room or from where you have your TV installed. With live streaming on the other hand, you can watch your favourite football or cricket team playing regardless of your location. You can be in your kitchen, in a holiday or even on the road (although this is not recommended as you should keep your eyes on the road and not on the game playing), because you will not miss a minute from the game.

Can I use live streaming sites without Internet connection?

Unfortunately no, this is one of the few disadvantages that come with live streaming – it can only be used from a computer, tablet or other smart device that is connected to the Internet. This means that whenever there is a power outage for instance that leaves your devices powerless or when you have no Internet access, you are unable to use live streaming online platforms.

All things considered, these are the most commonly asked questions that most people have on live streaming platforms.

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