FAQs about floating speakers – things you might want to know

Posted by Tom Starks On May - 31 - 2016

Floating speakers have become so popular in the past years that the number of people who have decided to invest money in these devices has significantly increased. Truth is it is understandable why this has happened: having a device right on your desk that you are listening to music at and that also floats is something any aficionado for technology would want. In case you are interested in buying a floating speaker, you should read some useful reviews first and websites such as floating-speakers.com might help you regarding this matter. Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions you might ask yourself too.

Do floating speakers actually float?

The very first moment you have heard about these products wondered yourself whether this is only a description given to this type of speaker to gain popularity or it can actually float. Well, the answer to this question is yes, floating speakers do float. The reason why this is possible is the fact that the speaker has two built-in magnets, one placed in the ball of the speaker and the other one in the base, that reject each other the moment the speaker is turned on. The floating effect is probably one of the amazing features that have made these speakers so popular nowadays.

Do they provide good quality sound?

Many people have the misconception that these speakers are not the best thing to invest money in, because the fact that they float alters the quality of the sound, but they could not have been any more wrong. It is precisely the fact that it floats that makes the quality of the sound to be at its highest. These floating speakers have 360-degree sound projection, which means that they have no “back” of the speaker. This way, the sound is equally projected throughout the room, compared to the traditional speakers where it is commonly known that the sound is slightly altered if you listen to music from behind the speaker.

Are they heavy in terms of weight?

It is important to know that floating speakers are lightweight items. Everyone knows how bulky and heavy those old and out of date speakers were. You needed to put high amount of physical effort in order to move them from one room to another. However, in the case of floating speakers this is not a concern anymore. These devices are lightweight, since their weight range is about one kilogram. They are also quite small and do not occupy too much space in the room. You can easily place them on the desk and move them from one place to another whenever you want.

How can you listen to music at them?

Floating speakers come with bluetooth connection, which is another great advantage compared to the old speakers. You simply connect the device to a smart phone, a tablet or another device that also has bluetooth connection and hit the “play” button. You get rid of those wires spread all over the room and you can enjoy your favorite band or even throw a party at your place.

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