Everything you want from an online customer relationship manager

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 20 - 2012

AllClients is an online customer relationship manager software with hundreds of great applications, features and functionality that can help any small business owner get better organized and manage its contact, clients, customers, providers, more efficiently and time effective. To some degree, the AllClients system can even enable the attraction of new clients, while thoroughly maintaining regular follow ups with the existing ones. The great thing about the AllClients website is that, beside the fact it uses a very user friendly interface and it’s easy to know your way around it, it also provides step by step help in introducing you to their product, from what it practically does to the benefits you can enjoy by using it. It shows you how you can get organized, how you can save time and money and how you can stay connected with your prospects, permanently assisting you with video tutorials and screen shots of the software, so that you can quickly get the feel of the program. AllClients offer a free trial of the software as well, being convinced of its high practicality and usefulness, as well as its suitability for any sector of industry or line of business.


The online customer relationship manager comes with a variety of functions that will make your job at the office a lot easier, not to mention enjoyable. AllClients was designed as an all-in-one solution, easy to use and understand, not requiring the user to study an instruction manual or anything of the sort. From the most basic list contacts, add or find contact, import contacts or calendar functions to video tutorials, autoresponders, newsletters, email templates and reports, you can get everything you need from a CRM software with AllClients. You can start as a single user and then gradually add team members at any moment. You can share your to-do lists, appoint and notes for a more efficient collaboration. One particular feature of the AllClients online customer relationship manager is that it can be set to automatically built a business referral tree, so that you can see exactly where your business is coming from, which can be a good background for marketing strategies.


AllClients is very well received on the market and enjoys a steady growth, as it is a very helpful tool for any business and the fact that it is not a complicated, high-tech software has helped it find a large audience in business owners of any industry or field, helping them sort and group their database with no effort and no time consumed. The same is available for your deals, as you can use the deals management feature to track your business, whether it is in real estate, insurance, auto repair, marketing, politics or home services. In a world where fast pace is everything and keeping up with your customers is vital, whether they are old or new, AllClients has come up with one of the simplest, yet most effective solution to organizing and managing a business in terms of customer relationship, projects and daily business tasks.

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