Elevated Math for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On March - 9 - 2012

Elevated Math for iPad is a math app created for both children and adults. It is part of the few educational apps designed to teach users mathematics and help those who make use of math in their lines of work. The math app is pretty encompassing too, including more than a hundred and fifty lessons in different areas, such as geometry, probability, algebra, numbers, SAT tests and so on. For those using mathematics on a daily basis in their work or activity, the application also provides videos of professionals achieving tasks with the help of math.

The category of numbers and operations has forty lessons on fractions, integers, factors, decimals, exponents and powers, so general calculus, as well as ratio, computational fluency of fractions, percent and proportion. It is the broadest of categories, except for algebra, which includes ninety such lessons on fundamental concepts. You can access lessons about the analysis and representation of patterns, linear functions, graphics or symbolic rules. The nonlinear relationships are also analyzed, together with rational functions, polynomial and exponential ones. The math app also teaches you how to solve equations and inequalities. Geometry is also quite comprehensive, having twenty-two lessons on not only figures and geometric shapes, but also on the more basic concepts like points, lines and angles. There are also tips on the coordination between spatial visualization and the transformation of shapes.

The last two categories include twelve lessons on measurement, which teach you about unit systems, tools and estimation as well as the concepts of area, perimeter and volume, and nine lessons on data analysis and probability, where you will find valuable help with statistical methods, data based predictions and applied probability.

Elevated Math for iPad is one of the most impressive educational apps from which you really have a lot to learn and it also includes additional materials, such as study sheets for students or teacher’s notes.

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