Cloud-Word App for iPad

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 6 - 2012

The amplitude that Apple products have gained may seem shocking, but it is not without base. The variety of applications available for iPhones and iPads makes the products greatly helpful and easy to use. Their practicability in the every day activities has been acknowledged world wide and developers have rushed to design numerous apps, one more attractive than the other. In this sector, the Cloud-Word App for iPad is one of the latest, especially in its updated version. It is basically an application for taking notes, but it can do so much more. You can create entire projects, divided in essay clouds, research or review clouds, questions and answer or drafts clouds.

The graphic of the Cloud-Word application is most enjoyable, as all the documents are little, white, fluffy clouds that you can easily move around a sunny sky, but if you take one to the Sun, it gets deleted. Pretty cute, don’t you think? It is of course a touch screen navigation system and all you have to do is tap on the cloud you want to work in or to create a new project. The Cloud-Word App iPad app is quite a creative organizer for your files and it has clouds within clouds just like folders and sub folders, and the high point of its design is that we have diverse editing tools, including the creation of acronyms. All these at a simple touch.

If you need more working space, you can hide the menus shown laterally and at the bottom of your working screen, as you can access your editing tools from a thin line above the working space or by taping on the words, depending on what is it that you need to edit. If you need references when researching for your projects or writing your documents, Cloud-Word puts at your disposal a rich glossary, in order for you to find the words you are looking for more quickly or to be able to set acronyms.

There is another cool feature that comes with the Cloud-Word App for iPad and that is the audio recording option. You can record yourself or create any audio recording and then listen to it while navigating through your projects or even while working on one. And the truly neat part is that you can email any part of any project or whole projects to your friends or whomever. One tap and your document reaches the meant destination. And then, you can simply continue your work from where you left it, as Cloud-Word saves all projects automatically.

So, if writing is a great part of your daily activities and you own an iPad, make sure to check out the Cloud-Word application. You will have access to n instruction manual in order to get a comprehensive image of its functionality and ways of implementing it into your daily work activities. It’s a fun, easy to use application, available in the app store. Taking notes or working on projects has never been more enjoyable than with Cloud-Word App for iPad.

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