Bloomberg iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On June - 13 - 2012

The Bloomberg iPad App is literally the first application to come from a major business publication that makes use of the Apple Inc.’s subscription offering. It is part of the finance iPad apps category and it is a perfect combination of the magazine’s vision on global finance news and interactive content, as new market information or news on the companies featured in the articles. It is a very informative application, very in handy for all those interested in constantly finding our what;s new on the global business market.

The concept of the Bloomberg iPad app was to actually recreate the Businessweek magazine for the iPad, using a clear interface, easy to navigate, providing an unique reading experience, optimized for the iOS device. The purpose of the Bloomberg application, as part of the finance iPad apps, was not just to reach a new segment of audience among the iPad owners or the existing ones through different methods, but also to make the magazine interactive and instantaneous.

The Bloomberg Businessweek provides top information and news and it allows readers and users to receive live info on companies, which is a huge advantage. You can get the current stock price, access performance history or find out the latest news that might be of interest. So overall it is a great app that can really make your day easier.

In a world where fast access to information can be crucial, the Bloomberg iPad app comes to meet the need for a dynamic and connected business news platform that provides detailed information on global finances and the latest news in the field

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