Become a master in Pokemon Go

Posted by Tom Starks On December - 30 - 2016

There is no surprise that you want to become better than your friends are when it comes to Pokemon Go, because this is the latest trend, and persons of different ages want to try it today. This app is easy to install on every phone, so almost everyone on this planet has access to it, so you have the possibility to become a master in the best game from the last period. You might be tempted by the idea to hire a trainer, because many people state that they could help you improve your skills, but the fact is that it is better to learn on your own, especially when you have the possibility to buy one of the Pokemon Go accounts for sale. This means that you would not have to pay a person to play for you, because you have the possibility to buy an account that takes you to the level you would like, and continue the game from there. Here are some tips that would help you become a master in Pokémon Go.

Choose the account that better suits you

You want to become a better player than your friends do, but this might take you a lot of time, and in case you are not lucky to find the high CP Pokémons, you would have difficulties in achieving your purpose. But you should know that you have the possibility to buy an account, which would allow you to start the game with a slightest advantage compared to your friends. You would have a greater number of pokemons caught and plenty of stardust and candies to continue the game. And according to the account you choose you have the possibility to have some of the rare, legendary or even high CP pokemons, so you should not say no to this chance. Moreover, none of your friends would ever find out that you were not spending all your time in catching all those pokemons.

Walk for more pokemons

Once you have the account, if you want to become a better player you should walk around in trying to find new ones, because your friends would quickly catch up, and you might spend your money for a temporary fame. It is advisable to walk around 1-4 hours per day, and catch every single Pokemon you could find. Also you should be careful to activate the Poke Stops you are passing and if you want to hatch some eggs, walk nonstop the time they require for coming up to life.

Ask for help

In case you do not have enough time to catch pokemons, you should hire a person to do it. There are many people who are using the best devices from the market, and who are in good physical condition, so they are able to walk a lot, and catch the pokemons you want and hatch the eggs. Also, if you are interested in catching a certain type of pokemons, they could be the ones who could offer you help when you have a busy day, and cannot do it by yourself.

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