Anomaly Warzone Earth

Posted by Tom Starks On August - 27 - 2014

Many good, if not brilliant, games are actually old, worn-out genres with a hint of ingeniousness and a pinch of cleverness. The high def iPad app game – Anomaly Warzone Earth is exactly that. It’s a simple tower defense gameplay, but incredibly smart turned over, making the application a tremendous success developed by 11 Bit Studio.

The beginning of the game sets you in the Middle East, with a bunch of aliens that have landed and started settling there. The user is a commander, part of the military, who has been assigned to destroy the aliens, tower after tower. You will have at your disposal jeeps, tanks, and rocket launchers to help you move and fight through hostile territory, where specific units will be able to affect specific towers.

The iPad app Anomaly Warzone Earth has a touch-based interface, which enables players to move around quickly and act fast. Whether you are setting out routes or help your crew by dropping power-ups, speed is an essential feature for this game. It is quite different from the original PC version that worked with a mouse. The Anomaly Warzone Earth iPad app has been recently updated, which provided the users with a more detailed and cleaner graphic. For the iPad 2 iOS device an A5 processor was included, making the app run at a smoother frame rate.

Anomaly Warzone Earth is a great game for those with a soft spot for strategy and they will have a blast with the cool graphics and the spot-on controls.

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