Angry Birds iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 21 - 2012

The Angry Birds game has got to be the simplest iPad game ever! The basic concept of the application is easy: green pigs have stolen some eggs from the birds, which has made the birds angry, hence the name of the game. Now as a player, your mission is to help the birds find the pigs and take them down. So, these little red birds are jumping into a sling shot and, using the touch ability of the iPad, you have to fire them away with your finger, obviously after aiming at a pig.

The more you advance along the Angry Birds iPad App, the more you discover special birds who have particular abilities and are of different colors. The blue birds for example have the power of separating into three different birds one they are in the air, if you tap them with your finger. The yellow birds are super charged and there are the white ones that have the power to drop bombs shaped as eggs. Finally, there are the black birds who become ticking bombs themselves.

The Angry Birds for iPad application can be really fun when you have some time to kill and, believe it or not, it can become very addictive, because it is not so easy to take down the pigs. Their houses are made of different materials, glass, which is easier to break, wood and then brick, off which birds bounce, so it becomes harder and harder.

Anyway, it is fairly fun to try and destroy the hiding pigs with flying birds and it can be a very relaxing way to spend some time, so if you own an iPad then you should definitely give it a go and download the Angry Birds game.

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