All-in Yoga HD iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On April - 20 - 2012

Although most of the applications for iPad are games or working apps designed to make your day around the office easier and help you connect with as many other devices as possible, there are some applications that are pointing towards teaching, helping user develop certain skills and All-In Yoga HD iPad app is one of them. It is, as the name suggests, a yoga app that comes to complete the concept of doing yoga from a book.

When you open the application you can choose out of three options: design your own yoga program, if you know exactly what your needs are, choose an already created yoga routine from “My Programs or check out the pose base, which is a sort of an encyclopedia of all available poses in the yoga app. After you have decided upon the program and you want to start, you again have the option of choosing between spoke instructions, background music, although it is still limited to the library of the application and you can not integrate it with iTunes or anything, or videos for some of the poses.

You have a limited time for each pose and the All-in Yoga HD iPad App will browse through them automatically once the designated time for one pose will have passed. All the routines and programs that you do can be saved, with time and date, which is great if you want to track your evolution and development.

To conclude the yoga app is quite amazing and extremely useful for anybody wanting to relax, loose stress or even become a tenacious yoga student. Moreover, today’s technology can help us take better care of our bodies and lead healthier lifestyles, no matter where we are; for more apps that can help your body fitness and overall health, such as meal-management apps, check out for up-to-date reviews on the latest products.

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