Air Display iPad App

Posted by Tom Starks On February - 7 - 2012

For all the Mac fans who are used on working on two monitors and travel quite a lot, the Air Display iPad application is a solution sent from Heaven. All you need is a wi-fi connection and you can start working with the help and support of two displays, your Mac and your iPad. But the high point is that it doesn’t just work with iOS, but with Windows as well. There has been a recent Air Display iPad App Update and the application now runs smoothly, in order to enable you to deal with multiple tasks, especially when you are on the road, but also if you need to move around.

With the Air Display you can monitor whatever you need all day long on the iPad, while working on other tasks on your computer. The iPad can be used as an external monitor with two options: it can be a secondary display, where you can just take a window and move it over, or it can be used for mirroring, which basically means that your computer and your iPad will be showing the same image. And don’t forget that the connection is wi-fi, so you don’t need any cables or anything. It’s very simple, but you will have to download the Air Display desktop and the iPad apps as well. Further than this, there will be a preference pane installed in your computer that you will be able to control through a menu.

The Air Display iPad App Update makes the device work in both portrait and landscape position according to your needs, all you have to do is turn it over as you like it or as it best suits your work. And another cool advantage is that the Air Display turns the iPad into a touch display, not a static one. You can actually work on it, just like on your Mac. Put this together with the wi-fi connection and you get a remote desktop that you can carry around the house or the office and still control your computer through it. That’s really something, isn’t it?

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