The amplitude that Apple products have gained may seem shocking, but it is not without base. The variety of applications available for iPhones and iPads makes the products greatly helpful and easy to use. Their practicability in the every day activities has been acknowledged world wide and developers have rushed to design numerous apps, one […]

The most successful iOS release of all times is the iOS 5 and that shows us that the developers from Apple have done a really good job and brought many improvements to their latest iOS. Everybody thought that jailbreaking this new iOS will be very hard because of the new security patches added by the […]

Since the iOS 4.3.3, Greenpoison was out of picture as a jailbreak tool and now one of the most used is Redsnow. This app detects your device’s firmware automatically, and with this new update redsnow supports 4.3.5, 4.3.4, 4.3.3 and iOS 5 beta. Redsnow 0.9.9b1 Jailbreak for 4.3.5 4.3.4 4.3.3 & IOS 5 is the […]

The Rhythm Studio App for iPad is what you might call an “old school” hardware setup for your iPad, though it practically works on every iOS device. It is very similar to TableTop in the sense of you only having to double tap on the instrument you want to use and the application will zoom […]

The Weather Channel iPad application is a great app for when you need weather information or updates, if you want to travel around the country or you are simply interested in what the day will be like. As we have been used to by all other iPad applications, the Weather Channel has a clean, user-friendly […]

OrganiDoc HD for iPad

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If you are looking for a top notch file manager or a killer mobile flash drive, check out the newest version of OrganiDoc HD for iPad. The OrganiDoc HD is one of the few iPad applications that allows you to access all of your saved files. You can use the OrganiDoc HD for iPad to […]

TomTom GPS for iPad

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It took sometime for the TomTom to release their GPS application for iPad, due to the apprehension that there is no market for it, but now that they had, TomTom GPS has been so successful that an update is already on the market. The major difference regards the changed interface. It definitely looks better, with […]

When talking about computers, it is not a conversation on the topic if not involving in the discussion the major problem computers have – viruses. As in all cases, when a useful thing has been invented, in this case the computer, it was also created an innovating program to break it down, such an antidote […]

Nowadays, it is known the fact that the computer is used by almost all the seven billion people on the planet, from Steve Jobs to the time we live in. To have your computer always available for any unwelcome event, it is necessary to prevent it from any damages, both physical and technological. In order […]

We dare you to focus your attention on the new Toshiba Satellite L755-128 which has been nowadays released on the market. It is a decent gaming laptop known from the 7 series of those made by Toshiba, which has recently appeared in our country. Its design is both simple and classy, thanks to the white […]

Computer is nowadays the most used technological part from all around the globe. But as its positive points, it has also some negatives, such as problems the computer can interfere with. The new solution has been released in order to help users save their money which before were spent on expensive diagnostics. PC problems can […]

Day by day we get our inbox filled with unwanted emails. This is not a secret anymore that more that halves from our emails are spam. At the first look, they do not seem dangerous, not at all. But in time, all those emails may bring us serious damages… Any spam hides a virus, most […]

About IT Jobs

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It is not a secret anymore that IT Jobs are one of the well-paid jobs in the entire world. It could not been otherwise, because IT can be found in every single domain. It has influenced traditions, industries and the entire sociality as well. It is required to know that any person who enjoys the […]


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In order to make a comparison, it is needed two components. This article talks about HDD and SDD, which need to be known by the both parts. The hard disk drive (HDD) is the most important part from a computer that can store digital information consisting of one or more platters that usually rotate at […]

When the HDD of your computer has an increased number of bad sectors this could be a sign to replace it. There are physical bad sectors and logical bad sectors. If you want to fix the logical bad sectors it could be a hope but for fixing the physical bad sectors there are no chances. […]

There could be two types of pixels which wouldn’t fit on your LCD monitor: dead pixels and stuck pixels. Dead pixels are points on your LCD monitor which permanently remains on black and stuck pixels in other colors. Usually there are more chances for fixing a stuck pixel but there are hopes for dead pixels […]